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What to Pack for a Fishing Trip

What to Pack for a Fishing Trip | GearPro Guide

What to Pack for a Fishing Trip

Who’s ready to reel in the catch of a lifetime? Before jumping on the boat, you need to be prepared for both fun and safety. Most of the time when going fishing it may only be for a few hours, but if you decide to charter a day-long adventure there are a few other things to consider to pack for a fishing trip. Today we’re going to talk about preparing for the weather, proper clothing, medication, storage, and of course snacks!

Prepare for Mother Nature

To really enjoy fishing, means to be spending a lot of time out on the open water taking in everything mother nature has to offer. But if the weather turns quickly, it is better to be prepared than “up a creek without a paddle.” One of the most important pieces of protection is sunscreen. The sun tends to reflect off the water, so not only do you get sun from above, but you can also have those effects multiplied by being on the water. Having the proper SPF rating for yourself is important and don’t forget to pick up some lip balm with SPF in it as well to protect your lips.

Other items to include for nature protection:

Sunglasses – preferably something polarized to help protect your eyes and make it easier to see into the water.

Full Brim Hat – at minimum bring a ball cap, but ideally a hat with a full 360 brim to protect your face and neck from the daytime sun.

Rain Gear – even if the weather seems nice when you embark on your fishing trip it is good to always pack for the rain, just in case.

Bug Spray – especially important for inland lakes in climates where mosquitos come out at dusk or dawn

Proper Clothing

Depending on the location of your fishing trip, packing the right clothing is important. When considering what to bring along, layers will always be the best choice. If your trip starts early in the morning and ends in the evening, having warm layers is important. But like we mentioned above, the sun can really get things heated up, and having the ability to remove layers will be a blessing. Additionally, there most likely won’t be a lot of shade on the water, so having proper clothing can help to prevent sunburn as well.

Clothing items to include:

Non-skid shoes – while flip-flops may sound like more fun on the water, having good traction on a moving boat is a must.

Wind Breaker – cool mornings and evenings can be made even more uncomfortable with wind, a lightweight windbreaker can make all the difference.

Light-colored clothing – dark colors absorb the sun making it even hotter on the water, stick with light colors to reflect more sunlight and help keep you cool.

Gloves – while these might seem like an odd addition, gloves can help protect your hands from the elements, as well as potential injuries, while fishing.

Medication and First Aid

No one wants to think about things going wrong on a trip, but a boat can be an uncontrolled situation at times. It is important to pack any prescription medication that may be needed throughout the day or even overnight if there were an engine failure. It is always easier to have your own medication on hand so that you don’t have to rely on buying anything along the way.

Medication and First Aid items to include:

Prescription medication – anything you may need within 48 hours and if traveling long distances be sure to have it in the original container to prevent any issues that may arise if items were inspected

First Aid Kit – to help with minor cuts, burns, and bites it is always good to have at least a small kit on hand.

Seasickness Medication – if taking a longer trip on an open sea fishing excursion then having seasickness medication can be important if anyone is prone to motion sickness.

Storage and Snacks

Space is limited on boats and so is food. Getting creative when it is time to pack for a fishing trip is important to make sure everything you need is readily available. There are a lot of items talked about in this list, so having a place to store them all for easy access sometimes is overlooked.

The other things to consider are whether or not food is already provided for your fishing trip or if you are expected to bring your own along.

Storage and snack items to include:

Backpack – the easiest option for packing clothing, sun protection, and more is a backpack with individual compartments to keep things organized.

Water Bottle – it is important to stay hydrated on the water and having enough drinking water on the board is crucial to have an enjoyable trip

Cooler – a great spot to store lunch, snacks, and any additional beverages you would like to bring along on your trip to keep it all cold and ready to enjoy.

Dry Bag – anything that shouldn’t get wet should be kept in a dry bag as an added layer of protection.


Some of the other things to consider bringing along can add to the fun and help to capture the memories. Additional items to include are a swimsuit, camera, and towels. These items aren’t a necessity but can be fun to have along to capture a photo of the big one or dry off after a mid-day swimming break. The list could go on and on, but this should help when trying to pack for your next big fishing trip

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