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Stealth Cam DS4K Transmit 32mp Cellular Trail Camera

Stealth Cam DS4K Transmit 32mp Cellular Trail Camera

As every seasoned hunter knows, understanding animal behavior and activity on your hunting grounds is the key to a successful outing. Whether you’re holding out for the trophy buck or strategizing to take down your next turkey, a reliable trail camera can help you get the intel you need to make the right move. That’s where the Stealth Cam DS4K Transmit 32MP Cellular Trail Camera truly shines.

Boasting an unrivalled 32-megapixel image clarity and a powerful 4K video transmission, this trail camera is the perfect tool for capturing the action as it unfolds. It’s also equipped with night vision, fast trigger speed and impressive battery life. Let’s see how this game-changing tool can help you get an edge in the wild.

Specifications of Stealth Cam DS4K


Specifications Details
Camera Model Stealth Cam DS4K Transmit 32MP Cellular Trail Camera
Resolution 32 Megapixels
Video Resolution 4K QHD
Trigger Speed 0.2 seconds
Burst Mode 1-9 images
PIR Angle No glare matte PIR and IR Array
IR Flash Range 100 Feet
Wireless Option AT&T or Verizon
Storage SD Card (up to 128 GB)
Battery Type 12 AA Batteries
App Compatibility  Stealth Cam Command

In-Depth Review of Stealth Cam DS4K Transmit 32mp Cellular Trail Camera

Image Quality

The first noteworthy feature of this trail camera is its stunning 32 megapixels resolution. This high-resolution camera captures awe-inspiring, professional-grade images in true-to-life colors during daylight and impressively clear monochrome images during nighttime, thanks to its advanced nighttime capabilities.

Moreover, the 32-megapixel resolution ensures that we can confidently zoom in on distant subjects without significantly degrading image quality. This level of detail comes in handy when we need to capture the smallest details of a subject from far away, such as its fur color or any other distinguishing characteristics that the naked eye can’t see.


Video Quality

Sometimes, images alone aren’t enough to fully capture the complex dynamics of wildlife in your hunting grounds. You must implement real-time videos to gain deeper insights into animal behavior and patterns, which translates to a more successful hunting experience. This trail camera records in 4K Ultra HD resolution at 30 frames per second (FPS), offering an incredibly immersive viewing experience that traditional HD videos simply cannot replicate.

Trigger Speed

Some animals, like coyotes, foxes, and even certain deer species, are notably fast and cunning. If you want to keep pace with their swift movements, you need a trail camera that doesn’t lag behind. This is where the Stealth Cam DS4K Transmit Cellular Trail Camera distinctly comes into play with its breakneck trigger speed of 0.2 seconds. This rapid trigger speed allows you to promptly capture even the most fleeting appearances on your hunting grounds without leaving room for missed opportunities.

PIR Angle

These days, most modern trail cameras come with Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) technology. When a warm body moves within the sensor’s range, the PIR sensor triggers the camera to capture the image or start recording. This ensures that your camera only activates when there’s relevant activity, conserving battery life and storage capacity.

But PIR sensors can sometimes create a soft glow when activated, potentially alerting or spooking the wildlife. But with Stealth cellular trail camera’s “No Glare” matte PIR sensor, you won’t have to deal with that issue.

The “No Glare” matte PIR sensor, together with the camera’s IR array, provides seamless detection and capture of wildlife without creating any visible glare. The end result is a more genuine picture of wildlife patterns and activities, which ultimately make your hunts more successful.

Burst Mode

One of the standout features in the Stealth Cam DS4K Transmit 32mp Cellular Trail Camera is undeniably its powerful burst mode. With this mode, you can capture one to nine images per trigger. This feature is particularly beneficial when trying to capture images of fast-moving subjects or when you want to ensure you have a range of images to choose from for any single event.


A significant factor to consider in choosing a trail camera is its storage capacity, and the Stealth Cam DS4K Transmit 32mp Cellular Trail Camera supports SD cards upto 128GB. With such generous storage capacity, you can take unlimited images and videos in the field for extended periods without worrying about filling up the storage space too quickly—especially helpful when you’re using it in burst mode.


This trail camera is designed to be compatible with the two leading US cellular network providers: AT&T and Verizon. Thanks to its compatibility with these major carriers, this camera allows for smooth and uninterrupted transmission of images and notifications directly to your device. Since both AT&T and Verizon have extensive networks that cover a broad geographical area, you can rest assured that this camera will perform optimally in various locations. But just with any plan, you must check the network coverage, cost, transmission speed and customer service before venturing out into the wild.


App Compatibility

Offering maximum controls and functionality, the Stealth Cam DS4K Transmit 32mp Cellular Trail Camera advances its user convenience with app compatibility.  Through the app, you can remotely access your camera’s captures. This means that provided you have a decent internet connection, you can view images and adjust settings in real-time without actually having to be physically present at the camera’s location.

The intuitive and user-friendly app also allows you to easily adjust your camera’s settings, from image resolution to burst mode and everything in between. Additionally, the app sends instant notifications to your phone whenever the camera triggers, which allows you to review the images in real time, thus making it ideal for surveillance or tracking wildlife activities.

Final Words

The Stealth Cam DS4K Transmit 32mp Cellular Trail Camera has left no stone unturned in delivering a top-notch and immersive visual experience. It allows you to capture the most intimate details of your subjects without spooking them.

From its crystal clear 32mp imagery to its lightening fast trigger speed and robust connectivity, every aspect of this camera shouts out advanced technology and convenience.

Despite packing all these features, this camera is quite compact, meaning you can take it on all your hunting expeditions without worrying about extra weight. Clocking in at just $250, this camera is a steal deal, especially for hunters who are on a budget but still want to take the most accurate shots possible!

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