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Riton 3 PRIMAL 3-18×50 Crossover Optic Review

Riton 3 PRIMAL 3-18×50 Crossover Optic Review

When you’re out on the field, either lining up the perfect shot or observing the fine details of wildlife, a reliable optic can make a world of difference in your experience.

If its accuracy is off, you won’t be able to hit your target. Similarly, if the optic doesn’t offer clear visuals, you might just miss out on seeing that game animal crossing your path. Ideally, an optic should be versatile, reliable, and in the best case, adaptable to various situations.

If you’re looking for such a product, consider the Riton 3 Primal 3-18×50 Crossover Optic. When we first checked out this optic, we were a bit skeptical about its performance, primarily due to its crossover design—a compelling blend of hunting and tactical features. But, as we delved deeper into its capabilities, we were pleasantly surprised. In this review, we’ll discuss the features, practicality, and overall value of the Riton 3 Primal 3-18×50 Crossover Optic.

Riton 3 PRIMAL 3-18×50 Crossover Optic Specifications


Specifications Details
Model Crossover Optic
Magnification 3-18
Parallax Adjustment 10-infinity
Tube Diameter 30mm
Objective Lens Diameter 50mm
Reticle LHR, illuminated
View Of Field 35ft to 6.2ft
Adjustment Range 25 MRAD
Material 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Warranty Lifetime

In-Depth Overview of Riton 3 PRIMAL 3-18×50 Crossover Optic

Optic Tube Diameter

The tube diameter of an optic directly impacts its light transmission capabilities, ring compatibility, and overall durability. And the solid 30mm optic diameter of Riton 3 PRIMAL is no joke.

When you’re out hunting or observing wildlife, light conditions can be unpredictable, shifting from bright to low light. The larger the optic tube diameter, the more light it can gather. This ultimately translates to clear and brighter images.

Moreover, we all know compatibility with mounting hardware can be a significant concern when wrangling with different firearms. Rest assured, this 30mm can be used with various mounting rings and bases, making installation a breeze.


Windage and Elevation Turrets

Let’s talk about control! The Riton 3 Primal 3-18×50 Crossover Optic comes with an exposed, resettable-to-zero turret. It has windage and elevation with 1/10 MRAD adjustment increments.

Offering exceptional precision, these features allow you to adjust your shot both upwards-downwards (elevation) and side-to-side (windage) movement. During our testing, we tried out different adjustments. Once we figured out how many clicks we needed to make a movement, hitting the target became a cinch, no matter the wind or terrain hiccups.

Love quick resets? The zero-resettable turrets make re-zeroing simple after sighting in. With this feature, even after you’ve made your adjustments for a specific shot, you can quickly get back to baseline, saving time and preventing confusion during critical moments of your hunting session.

What about wind and bullet drop? That’s where the zero stop comes in. It ensures repeatability by acting as a limit, so you always return to your original zero, removing the guesswork and giving you a solid reference point during hunting or shooting sports.

Lens Coatings

The Riton 3 Primal 3-18×50 Crossover Optic isn’t just about precision, its robust lens coating makes it remarkably resilient. This optic boasts anti-fog coating, which ensures crystal clear visibility, even when you’re out hunting on those early misty mornings.

Its shock-proof coating offers real protection against the inherent bumps, drops, and general knockabouts that come with the territory of outdoor adventures.

Then there’s low light enhancement coating, which allows you to see your prey in the gloomiest of conditions. So even if the sun goes down early and stays away for a while, you’ll still have no problem tracking the game.

Lens Diameter and Position

While most hunting optics have lens diameters falling within the 40 to 60mm range, the Riton 3 Primal 3-18×50 Crossover Optic has discovered the sweet spot with its 50mm diameter.

As for the optic’s position, we’ve got the first focal plane situation. This means that the reticle will change size when magnification is changed. It will shrink as you decrease the magnification and expand as you increase it.

This is a huge advantage over second focal plane reticles, which stay the same size regardless of your magnification setting. This can be useful for shooters who want to precisely range their target.

Magnitude of Magnification

Talking about magnification, the Riton 3 Primal offers a versatile range of 3-18x. This flexibility is a true game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts and hunters alike.

The lower end, 3x magnification, is ideal for close-up shots and fast-moving targets that involve quick reflexes. If the situation calls for instinctual firing to capture your target, you can rely on the 3x setting to provide an ample field of view. On the other hand, the upper 18x magnification comes in handy for precision shooting over longer distances.

When we put the Riton 3 to test, it delivered exceptional clarity and detail at greater zoom levels, making far-off targets feel within reach. This high magnification is especially useful when you need to assess the landscape or identify specific target features from a distance.

Illumination Feature

There’s nothing more important for a hunter than visibility. This model boasts 6 levels of red illumination, adding an extra oomph to your aiming capabilities in various lighting conditions.

Each of the six illumination levels performs its role distinctively. Lower levels are great for low-light hunting, providing just enough brightness to see your prey but not so much that it will scare them away. On the flip side, the higher levels of illumination help emphasize the reticle against busy backgrounds or in brighter light scenarios.

What’s more, the thoughtful inclusion of an “on/off” setting between each level is a fantastic feature. This capability allows you to conserve battery while not in use and quickly return to your preferred level of illumination without cycling through the entire range.


Eye Relief

The importance of sufficient eye relief in a hunting optic cannot be overstated. Well, the Riton 3 Primal 3-18×50 Crossover Optic provides a generous eye relief of 3.5 inches, or 90mm. This allows you to maintain a safe distance away from the optic’s eyepiece without compromising our field of view.

This is especially important when you’re using it with an airgun and want to protect your eye from sudden kickback. Additionally, the extended eye relief allows prescription glasses wearers to use the optic without running the risk of scratching their lenses.


The Riton 3 PRIMAL 3-18×50 is constructed from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, which speaks volumes about its strength and resilience. To check its robustness, we subjected it to a variety of challenging scenarios—accidental drops, hard recoil, rough handling, and inclement weather—and it withstood them all. But despite the high-strength construction, it’s exceptionally lightweight, which means it won’t add any bulk to your hunting kit or throw off your balance.

Included Items

This crossover optic comes with a range of accessories that add to your overall experience:

Flip-up Lens Cover

The flip up lens cover is designed to shield the lens from potential scratches, dust, and debris while you’re roughing it out in the wild. Plus, it can easily be flipped open or shut down, so you can focus more on your hunt and less on your gear’s safety.

Lens Cloth

The lens cloth helps to prevent smudges and dirt from affecting your visuals while extending the overall lifespan of your scope.

Allen Key

This simple yet essential tool allows you to adjust and secure the optic to your weapon of choice safely and easily, so you won’t have to spend hours while setting it up.

Final Words

If the Riton 3 Primal 3-18×50 Crossover Optic could be summarized in three words, they would be “Versatility”, “Durability”, and “Precision”. Whether you want to use it to track fast-moving prey in the deep woods or make that critical long-distance shot, this optic brings superior reliability and performance to your outdoor excursion. It has a wide range of magnification settings, allowing you to adjust it for any environment and situation. And with its rugged construction and durability, you can count on this optic to last for many years of use in the field!

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