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Ride1Up Core-5 Review

Ride1Up Core-5 Review

Ride1Up Core-5 Review


The Core-5 proves that an e-bike doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy to perform well. Nor is it necessary that a bike be expensive to have great looks with a stylish finish.



  • Sleek design with solid construction
  • Max. speed of 28 mph under pedal assistance
  • It comes with a removable battery.
  • Affordable, value for money


  • We found the motor to be a bit underpowered for hilly and sporty terrains.
  • It might not be very comfortable for taller riders.
  • No integrated lights
  • The handlebar’s height is not adjustable.

The Core-5 proves that an e-bike doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy to perform well. Nor is it necessary that a bike be expensive to have great looks with a stylish finish.

The Core-5 doesn’t have high-end parts and luxurious features, but it efficiently assists you when you are pedalling through the town. It is affordable, and the ride is fun and comfortable. It isn’t suitable for hilly and sporty terrain, but it performs surprisingly well on flat and rolling terrains. We consider it one of the best budget electric bikes in the market.

The Core-5 feels superb to ride. It is a comfortable ride with easy-to-use controls and features. The bike is handles well and doesn’t take much time to assemble, even if you are a beginner. It is an excellent option for an electric bike for daily usage/flat terrains.

Detailed Overview

The Core 5 is a class 3 e-bike featuring a pedal-assist function up to 28 mph and a throttle-assist up to 20 mph. The pedal-assist modes can be easily controlled via buttons and the LCD head unit placed on the handlebar.


The Core-5 is available in two frame configurations, the standard and step-through configuration. As the name suggests, the step-through configuration allows easy mounting and dismounting by eliminating the top tube from the frame. The Core-5 is manufactured in a single size that can easily accommodate about 5’6” to 6’4” riders. One can easily make out Core-5 as an e-bike due to its vast down tube that is home to the removable battery. The bike otherwise looks sleek and stylish. A shaped top-tube junction makes the Core-5 look high-end even though it is a beginner-level average e-bike in price and builds.



The wheels of the Core-5 are 27-5-inch, keeping a low standover height to accommodate a wider range of riders. The tires are 2.2 inches wide and smoothly run-on low tire pressure to increase comfort.



The handlebars of the Core-5 have a sturdy design, with a good grip and easy-to-use hand breaks. The handlebars can’t be adjusted or raised and seem comfortable for most heights.


The Core-5 is equipped with disc brakes. At this price, you get mechanical disk brakes and not hydraulic disc brakes in most e-bikes. The Tektro mechanical disc brakes of the Core-5 portray excellent stopping power. It performs even when you load the bike with cargo or a kid carrier.


The Ride1Up’s Core-5 is equipped with a 48V, 10.4 ah Reention Eel Pro battery with an intelligent battery management system and LG cells.

Display and LCD features


The Core-5 can be easily turned on using a button on the LCD display placed on the handlebar. The screen is clearly visible, easy to use, and displays information like your speed, distance covered, assist level, battery level, etc.



The throttle lever is placed right next to the grip on the left side of the handlebar and can be activated quite smoothly and quickly.


The motor of the Core-r is unbranded and placed in the bike’s rear hub. It works together with a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain that provides plenty of options for riding with and without the motor assist.


A kickstand is placed on the chainstay and is stable and convenient to operate. But, the Core-5 does not include any integrated front or rear lights.



Weight 49 lbs
Weight Capacity 275lbs
Motor 48V Geared Hub Shengyi
Battery 48V 10.4ah Reenton Eel Pro LG cells with Smart BMS
Frame Aluminum
Drivetrain Shimano 7-speed, 44T chainring
Brakes Tektro mechanical disk brakes

What We Love About Ride1Up’s Core-5?

  • It is a very affordable e-bike
  • The step-thru frame option makes riding more accessible for riders who aren’t comfortable with the traditional frame
  • The battery range on the bike is quite consistent as promised
  • It is effortless to attach fenders to the bike on wet and rainy days.
  • The brakes are robust and easy to maintain
  • Arranging, setting up, and putting together the bike is hassle-free and easy.

Performance Review

The Core-5 from Ride1Up is a comfortable ride overall. The credit goes to its ergonomics, aluminium frame, thick tires, and all the power at hand. It is super easy to hit the throttle, sit back, and cruise along without tiring yourself by pedalling. We recommend that you do not use the throttle lever unless starting from a dead stop uphill. Overusing the throttle will quickly drain your battery, so it’s best to use it only when needed.

The Core-5 might feel a bit small to riders who are tall. The seat might need adjustment to a high level if you are tall. After we tested it, we wouldn’t recommend this bike to anyone above 6 feet.

Once you get used to it and find your riding position, the Core-5 feels comfortable and smooth to steer. If you plan on riding on a rough road, we recommend you drop a few PSI out of the wide tires to help them absorb some of the terrain.

The overall handling of the bike is excellent, except while turning. The bike seems to pick up speed suddenly, handling the acceleration might get tricky until you get used to it.

The motor offers great assistance on flat roads and engages quickly as soon as you pedal. There is almost no lag between pedal input and when the assist kicks in. This makes it convenient to get going from a dead stop and pick up speed. However, we found the motor to be a little underpowered, significantly when advancing on steeper trails. The hub-based motor is unbranded but performs satisfactorily when not riding steeper, hilly, or sporty terrains.

The throttle felt best when starting from a dead stop on a hilly ride. But, even then, it took time for the bike to get going. The assist felt powerful enough in other terrains and rides, but if you plan on going on hilly terrains, you might just disappoint yourself with the power level.

The Core-5 uses a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain with low bailout gear to deliver better performance when riding uphill when the assist level might not provide the expected power. Switching between the gears is quite convenient.

The shifter on the bike is easy to use. It comes with a large lever to shift to one direction and a large button to shift to the other.

Mechanical brakes, in general, might not be as powerful as hydraulic disk brakes, but the braking power of the Core-5 brakes turned out to be pretty awesome, even in wet conditions and terrains. While the brakes felt responsive, stopping from top speed took a little distance. You need to be aware of your surroundings and allow yourself ample time to decelerate and stop.

The kickstand is mounted to the chainstay in the Core-5. We loved this feature as the kickstand feels stout, stable, and tucks out of the way cleanly when not in use.

The battery range of the Core-5 is between 30 to 40 miles, depending on the assist level you use, among other factors. This is a reasonably acceptable battery range for most e-bikes. The other factors that affect the battery life is the rider’s weight, terrain, incline, level of assist, etc.

During the first ride of about 4 miles, we went through more less than half of the battery life by majorly relying on the throttle. We tested the throttle by using it many times to see how it affects the battery.

During our field test, we concluded that with a balanced use of the throttle and the pedal-assist at level 3 or 4, the Core-5’s estimation range of 20 to 40 miles is accurate.

After 8.5 miles of using the throttle quite frequently, the battery was nearly drained. However, in real-life situations, nobody would use the throttle nearly as much.

The Core 5 delivers a top speed of about 20 mph while using the throttle frequently. While using the pedal assistance, the bike can reach up to 28 mph. We were able to hit a speed of 22 mph without pedal assistance.


The Core 5 takes about 5 to 10 seconds to attain top speed after it is stopped.


Ride1up Core-5 review | The Mental GYM


Pros and Cons



Sleek design with solid construction We found the motor to be a bit underpowered for hilly and sporty terrains.
Max. speed of 28 mph under pedal assistance It might not be very comfortable for taller riders.
It comes with a removable battery. No integrated lights
Affordable, value for money The handlebar’s height is not adjustable.

The Core-5 is an attractive, stylish, and comfortable ride compatible with flat terrains. While the motor feels underpowered on rough and hilly terrains, it offers an excellent pedal assist for flat or low bumpy roads. It might be a bit uncomfortable for a person of a good height. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a basic, inexpensive e-bike that performs well around town, the Core-5 is your bet. 


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