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QuietKat APEX E-Bike Review

QuietKat APEX Review | GearPro Guide

QuietKat APEX E-Bike Review

QuietKat APEX E-Bike Review


When you are an adventure enthusiast and want to get out to explore different terrains, an E-bike will allow you to explore further and in comfort. However, there are plenty of other options when you decide to hit the roads. You can go on foot, get an SSV, use a four wheeler, or many other options. But if you are a cyclist, nothing else will neutralize your thirst for adventure than an E-Bike.



  • Solid-built and durable E-bike.
  • Runs smoothly on all terrain types.
  • Capable of carrying heavy loads.
  • Can attach various attachments for hauling gear or your prize hunt.


  • Higher price range.
  • Does not come with an extra battery.
  • Does Not display what gear your in
  • Mountain bike seat

When you are an adventure enthusiast and want to get out to explore different terrains, an E-bike will allow you to explore further and in comfort. However, there are plenty of other options when you decide to hit the roads. You can go on foot, get an SSV, use a four wheeler, or many other options. But if you are a cyclist, nothing else will neutralize your thirst for adventure than an E-Bike. 

Whether you want to make your way through steep rocky hills, conquer snowy trails, cut through sandy shores, glide through the plain terrains, or travel on well-constructed roads, the QuietKat APEX E-Bike will be along for the ride. The APEX is a premium bike for use on difficult terrains and for carrying heavy loads. It is a solid built, innovative e-bike allowing you to cross each terrain comfortably whenever or wherever you wish.

Let’s take a detailed look at The QuietKat APEX E-Bike’s features and specifications.

A Detailed Review Of QuietKat APEX E-Bike


  • The E-bike’s frame is solid and can easily handle rough terrains. This allows the APEX to easily resist daily wear and tear of the back country and withstand rough weather conditions. 
  • The aluminum body is resistant to rust and early decay. Aluminum is also lighter in weight as compared to other materials, making it easier to carry and travel with.
  • The QuietKat Apex E-bike frame has an integrated non-removable welded rear rack to place your essentials. This rear rack can hold up to 100 lbs


  • The QuietKat Apex E-bike offers the advantages of the one-step-through frame design, making it easier for riders to mount and dismount from the bike. 
  • The Apex comes equipped with front hydraulic brakes that are adjustable to fit your needs


  • You get three options with the QuietKat Apex E-bike: small, medium, and large. The manufacturer recommends using large sizes for people above 6 ft. The height, frame size, and inseam are designed according to height requirements allowing riders to ride the bike comfortably. 
  • People who are under 5ft 6 inches should go with the small frame size, while those between 5ft 6 inches and 6 ft should pick the medium frame size. Choosing the right size will allow you to sit upright and move your knees comfortably.

QuietKat APEX Review

Weight Capacity

  • The QuietKat Apex E-bike has excellent weight capacity. It can carry up to 350 pounds of weight, including the weight of the rider and luggage carried on the bike. It also has the option to attach a luggage carrier with a wheel to haul even more, including your daily catch!

QuietKat APEX Review

Motor Size

  • This E-bike comes in 2 motor sizes. A 750-watt or a 1000-watt unrestricted motor providing riders with a chance to utilize maximum torque and power. If you are an adventure enthusiast and need maximum torque and speed, then the 1000-watt QuietKat Apex E-bike is thr better option.


  • QuietKat Apex E-bike has two 26″ x 4.5″ AT fat tires to explore all terrains, from snowy hills to soft sand and rocks. 
  • These tires are well suited for all terrains, and if you want a softer ride you can ride with the tire pressure a little less than recommended pressure. The 4.5” tires offer more grip against rough terrains and make your ride easier no matter the location.

QuietKat APEX Review | Tires


  • The QuietKat Apex E-bike has 4 piston hydraulic brakes to ensure the rider’s security. These brakes provide quick response stopping power regardless of the bike’s speed.
  • The hydraulic brakes feature remarkable control over speed, allowing riders to ride with freedom. 

QuietKat APEX Review | Brake | GearPro Guide


  • The QuietKat Apex E-bike has an attached color digital display in the middle of the handlebars. It’s a customizable LED display that allows riders to display settings easily and set brightness levels per your likeness. 


  • The Apex offers 4 modes to provide greater speed and stability and supports the battery throughout your ride. The various modes of the QuietKat Apex E-bike include walk assist mode, throttle, 5 levels of sports assist, and 5 levels of eco assist.

What Do We Love About The QuietKat Apex E-bike?

We love the QuietKat Apex E-bike because it is one of the most suitable E-bikes to explore the backcountry and enjoy multiple terrains. The Apex comes with premium components and a premium price, but it is the perfect E-bike to explore, hunt and even fish. Here are some of the features that we loved:

  • It’s a solid E-bike with premium components.
  • Can explore areas with stealth unlike a side by side or four wheeler 
  • Comes in three different colors, so you can pick the one you like most. 
  • Walking feature allows easy walking through sand or dirt and easy loading in trucks.. 
  • For a 1000w mid-drive E-Bike it only weighs 70 lbs and has awesome towing capabilities 
  • It comes with a built-in welded rear rack and you can upgrade to a more comfortable wider adjustable seat (We should have upgraded!)

Performance Review

Biking is one of the most adventurous ways to explore the backcountry. It is exciting and thrilling. E-bikes are a modern form of biking that offers a more comfortable experience. We had the chance to ride the QuietKat Apex E-bike, and here is our verdict. 

The QuietKat Apex E-bike is an advanced E-bike with a strong and intuitively designed frame for added comfort, maximum handling, and a beautiful look.

  • The Aluminum Frame is lightweight, rust-free, and long-lasting. It has a rigid construction to support your weight, carry gear or haul heavy loads. 
  • The Wheels are wide, strong and well-built to let you ride through steep hills covered in snow, mud or sand.

The different modes and 9 gears will allow you to find your comfort zone through all types of terrain. Using only throttle (No Pedaling) we were able to get up to a max of 30-31 mph. Had we helped by pedaling we could have easily reached 35-40 mph.

Riding the QuietKat Apex E-bike is extremely easy. You’ll find it easier than riding your manual bike. When you select the QuietKat Apex E-bike as per your height allows you to sit and ride comfortably.It’s so comfortable that you can ride it for hours without feeling backache or pressure on your shoulder.

  • The Seat that comes on the Apex is nice, but we prefer a wider, more comfortable seat when riding. QuietKat does offer a couple different seat options to suit your needs.
  • The QuietKat Apex has exceptional Hydraulic Disk Brakes supporting front and back tires. These brakes give the E-bike awesome stopping power. We tested the brakes by taking our average over 5 test. Each attempt at 14-16 mph we were able to stop within 4-6 ft. Leaving us confident riders can ride through steep hills or rough terrains safely.

The Display has a nice large full color screen that’s easy to navigate even while riding. The toggle allows you to quickly switch the mode, speed, time, battery percentage, and your trip. This allows riders to stay informed about their E-bike’s status at all times.

  • One of the Best features of the QuietKat Apex E-bike is its powerful and Quiet Motor. It doesn’t make the typical sound a lot of E-bikes make, giving its rider a very pleasant and stealthy riding.

The quiet motor feature is very helpful when you are out hunting, fishing or even just exploring the wildlife.

  • The QuietKat Apex E-bike comes with a Waterproof Battery System that can easily be swapped out for added range. The battery is powerful, long-lasting and at optimum speed, can last for hours.

On our range test we were able to achieve 48-50 miles on a full charge! We were using mostly throttle and were usually in pedal assist mode 3 and 4. If you are exploring, hauling gear or covering a long distance, you can also charge the battery using a portable solar-powered E-bike charging station. 

The maintenance and cleaning of your QuietKat Apex E-bike is very easy. You can do it yourself at home without needing professional help. The manufacturer offers lifetime customer service in the USA and ALOT of videos on their site for help.

QuietKat APEX Review | GearPro Guide

QuietKat Apex E-bike is everything a rider can ask for in a premium All-Terrain E-Bike.
Although it has a high price tag, it is worth the purchase. The quality, stability, comfort, and balance are beyond great. It’s a one-time investment to enjoy rides on the roads or outdoors whenever and wherever  you want.

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