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Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak

Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak

Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak

Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak


The Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak is a sturdy and dependable kayak that can provide the ultimate kayaking experience for two riders. It comes with all the essentials and the right price range.



  • A Heavy-Duty and Rigid Kayak
  • High Weight Capacity at 600lbs
  • Tracks Through Choppy Water With Ease
  • Easily Breaks Down and Fits Back Into a Backpack


  • Due to the 600lb capacity, the side walls are thick making the inside a little narrow
  • Kayak paddles are not adjustable

Kayaking is one of the most thrilling adventure water sports that can be enjoyed with family and friends. It is safe to ride on the waters of lakes, rivers, streams, and even oceans if you purchase a safe and reliable inflatable kayak. Nixy is a company that manufactures high-quality inflatable SUPs and Kayaks. They’re based out of California and have been producing quality and affordable watercrafts since 2015. Their products stand out due to their innovative features that are developed for ensuring the safety, comfort, and convenience of the riders. One of Nixy’s newest products is their new Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak.

Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak accessories

Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak is meant for two riders and can handle up to 600 pounds of weight easily. It’s spacious enough to accommodate two riders and their gear. It is integrated with 4 Scotty mounts and 6 action mounts. Several D-rings have been provided to mount the gear safely on the kayak. It also comes with a removable fin that helps track the kayak smoothly while paddling.

We have put together a detailed review of the Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak below that will help guide those looking to purchase a new Inflatable Kayak.

A Detailed Review Of Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak


The design of the Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak was well thought to provide superior performance for the riders. It is built for 2 riders and can easily manage their gear and bags. Its slim design is perfect for easy steering on running waters or tracking through choppy conditions. It also offers smooth movement on the water owing to its convenient padding and excellent design. Nixy offers the Tahoe in 2 colors, Blue or Yellow.

Inflate and Go

One can easily inflate and deflate the Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak. It comes with two paddles made from lightweight hybrid carbon. These lightweight paddles are easy to carry. Also, its lightweight and easily foldable design allow adventurers to carry it conveniently while traveling. A fin is attached to the bottom to facilitate easy movement when the water is not deep. The fin can be removed and attached without using any tools.


Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak comes with 2 comfortable seats that are made from premium-quality materials. The seats are padded well and also come with a supportive backrest so you can enjoy the paddling experience without any discomfort. There is enough foot room for both the passengers that allows them to sit in a comfortable position while paddling.


To ensure the safety of the passengers, the kayak contains grab handles at the front, rear, and center. Multiple mountain brackets and D-rings are provided on the kayak to enable the passengers to attach inflatable floats, bags, and other safety gear easily. It also comes with an adjustable bungee system on the front and rear ends. These bungees can be used for attaching the storage items securely and it also provides easy access to the supplies.


The accessories that come with Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak include a dual-chamber hand pump for inflating the kayak. Two inflatable seat cushions are provided for extra comfort or to raise you higher while sitting. We enjoy sitting up higher with paddling, so this little feature goes a long way for us. The fin box is also provided and one need not use a key to open it. To carry the inflatable kayak and other accessories, Nixy has also provided the users with a large three-wheel carrying bag.

Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak: Specs Sheet

Main Category All Around, Inflatable Kayak
Kayak Dimensions 12.6 inches x 39 inches x 13 inches
Weight 33 lbs
Max Capacity 600 lbs
Recommended PSI 29
Fins Toolless removable fin
Paddle 4 piece Hybrid Carbon Fiber Paddle
Materials PVC
Price Range Medium
Warranty 2-Year Warranty

What We Loved About The Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak?

Apart from its durable construction and exceptional design, there are lots of features that make the Nixy Tahoe an ideal kayak for all conditions. Some of these features are described in detail below:

  • The kayak can be folded and stored in the carrying bag easily. It weighs about 33 lbs, which makes it easy to carry while indulging in adventurous expeditions and water sports activities.
  • Anyone can assemble and disassemble the Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak because of its simple design. It can be inflated and deflated quickly, allowing for less time getting set up and more time on the water.
  • It is a multipurpose kayak that can be used for fishing, touring, or just exploring your favorite waterways. You can also use it for fitness, adventurous sports, kayak races, and other purposes. It is built to allow adventurous souls to explore the true beauty of nature along with their loved ones and pets.
  • The paddles are sturdy and durable. The kayak seats have been customized to withstand harsh conditions and tough aquatic climates.

Performance Review

Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak is an all-rounder in all senses. It not only provides great performance but also takes care of the safety and comfort requirements of the buyers. It has been gifted with great lightweight paddles that ensure that the paddlers steer rough waters without any issues.

Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak comes with everything needed for 2 paddlers which is a nice feature. A lot of kayaks usually come with equipment for 1 paddlers and any additional is an upcharge. After a couple of uses, you can easily assemble this kayak within 5 minutes. Though it can handle 600 lbs, you must avoid overcrowding it with friends and pets as it can cause some issues in stability.

This kayak is made of polyethylene which is water-resistant and UV resistant as well. Also, the durable construction and design of this kayak make it a sturdy companion for adventure lovers. Unlike some other kayaks in the market, the seats of the Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak have been customized to provide optimum comfort to the paddlers and do not cause any pain on the pressure points even after paddling for long hours. Overall, it is built to provide a professional kayaking experience to buyers and is one of the best models in its price range.

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