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Nixy Sports

Nixy Sports | GearPro guide

Nixy Sports

Standing Up For What’s Right

NIXY is a Southern California-based inflatable paddle board company created in 2015 by founders Ale and Nicholas. Their goal was to design and produce the best SUPS on the market. Their board designs feature carbon fiber rails to reduce the chance of punctures and mounting points for any accessory you could want. Their focus on creating the lightest most durable inflatable boards on the market is certainly met with their current lineup.

Before we dive into the products that make NIXY stand out, we should explain what defines them as a company and a leader in the industry.

NIXY believes that “EVERY LAKE, OCEAN, AND RIVER DEPENDS ON US”. To that end NIXY since its creation has been passionately focused on protecting the environment through organizations that help the waterways and help the people that live on them.

The Surfrider Foundation:

One of the largest marine protection groups.

The Ocean Institute:

A hands on educational group designed to teach students of all ages the importance of protecting our oceans.

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center:

Rescues rehabilitate and release sick and injured marine mammals along the pacific coast. Their research and data are key to understanding the larger picture of the ecosystem that we and their patients exist in.

Stand Up for the Cure:

SUFTC is an organization focused on funding breast cancer research and eventually curing the disease. Since 2012 SUFTC has been raising awareness and planning fundraising events from coast to coast.


AmbLeMa is an educational program in Venezuela focused on community involvement to improve reading, environmental awareness, and math. While all these organizations are important to NIXY, AmbLeMa allows Ale and Nicholas to give back to their childhood home in an impactful and lasting way.


Nixy brings a diverse lineup of paddleboards to the market. While their product line up six very different styles of boards, we have chosen to highlight three to show the difference in products available. Not only will you get a great board for the price point, but also, each paddleboard features a 30-day no-hassle guarantee, a one to two-year warranty, and free shipping. Each paddleboard comes with a travel bag, pump, paddle, leash, and fins.


With the advent of paddleboard yoga, many folks have become much wetter than expected. The Venice G4 Cruiser was designed to save people from the embarrassment of dunking while Regardless of the correct verb for yoga, this board has you covered. The 10’6″ board is covered in a traction pad with mounts across the board for attaching drink holders or a go-pro. Since Venice was designed with stability in mind, it makes an excellent board for novice paddlers that need more stability. With a 350-pound weight limit, the board can introduce smaller adventurers to tandem paddleboarding.

Nixy Sports | GearPro guide



For paddle boarders looking to keep their gear ultralight or those just short on space, the Huntington G4 is the answer. The Huntington is a compact board measuring only 9’6″ and has a total weight of just under 19 pounds. In its folded position, the board is half the size of a traditional SUP, making it the perfect choice for adventurers looking to pack a board into the backcountry.

Nixy Sports | GearPro guide



The manhattan is a 12’6″ paddleboard designed for high-speed long-distance paddles. At just 23 pounds, the board’s max weight is still a surprising 350 pounds. For paddlers looking for a touring-style board, this is it. The narrow profile produces less drag and tracks better than any other board style.

Nixy Sports | GearPro guide




For adventurers looking to have an inflatable kayak with all the style and user-friendly options as Nixy’s paddleboards, you have the Tahoe. The Tahoe is a two-person inflatable kayak with a weight capacity of 600 pounds! Plenty of room for two paddlers and an afternoon’s worth of gear. This rig is complete with six action mounts and four Scotty mounts. Your gear will stay secure with multiple D-rings for lanyards and Bungie straps for and aft of the boat. To solve the problem many inflatable boats have with tracking; the Tahoe has a fin that can be attached and removed without additional tools. The removable fin is an asset when choosing to cruise shallow water where the fin can hand up on the bottom.

Nixy Sports | GearPro guide




Far beyond just carrying your SUP, NIXY’s backpacks are fantastic options for carrying everything else you may want. The Compact backpack has a main compartment designed for the Huntington Compact board but will fit a day’s worth of gear plus whatever additional items you need in the frontal pocket or attached to the side loops and Bungie system.

The NIXY 3 Wheel bag is designed for larger boards and would probably work for most inflatable SUPs on the market. The three-wheel design allows this bag to be wheeled through airports or just down the boardwalk. Additional storage pockets hold everything you need, from your leash to the pump itself. The three-piece paddle can be secured to the outside of the bag for a genuine all-in-one bag.

Nixy Sports | GearPro guide


Dry Bags

There are some items you want to keep dry. For that, NIXY has a line of dry bags available in several sizes to fit your needs. The Dry Sack comes in sizes of five to twenty liters and is currently available in blue. If you need a dry bag with more space, the Day Pack is available in 20 and 30-liter sizes with shoulder straps and a zippered front pocket for fast access items like keys or your wallet. NIXY also makes a Tote Dry Bag. The 100%water and soundproof tote bag have a flat bottom so it can stay on the deck of your board during your adventure. It pairs nicely with the NIXY fishing rack also.

Nixy Sports | GearPro guide



Nixy’s claim to fame for its paddles is its carbon fiber lineup. Not only are these paddles super lightweight, but they offer rigidity unparalleled by any other material. With a surface area of 94 inches, they can move some serious water. Carbon paddles come in several trim styles. Trim styles include the standard 3k woven fiber, the 3k with a bamboo overlay, and the 12k for those looking for maximum power in a paddle. All paddles feature an ABS edge to protect the paddle from damage caused by rocks or drops. These paddles come in 3 sizes 86, 88, and 94 sq inches.

Nixy Sports | GearPro guide



Paddleboards are phenomenal watercraft, to begin with, but their near limitless customization makes them great tools for a variety of watersports. We’ve included just a few of the accessories NIXY offers to make your board into something uniquely yours.

Nixy Sports | GearPro guide


Nixy Navigation

Navigation lights may not seem like a big deal for the casual paddleboarder, but they are crucial when paddling in low light. Be it fishing the early morning tide or sitting and watching the sunset from your board, paddleboards and kayaks are nearly invisible to other boaters in low light. Having a USB rechargeable water-resistant light set on your SUP is a huge weight off your mind when paddling in the dark. These lights come with four modes: full bright, half bright, fast flash, and slow flash.

Nixy Sports | GearPro guide


Fishing Rack

Paddle boards are sought after by inshore fishermen for their ability to slip into shallow water virtually undetected. However, the flat deck of a paddleboard does not make for great rod storage. The fishing rack creates a vertical rod storage system that keeps rods and hooks out of the way. The rod rack also doubles as a mount for trolling lures behind you as you paddle.

Nixy Sports | GearPro guide


Kayak Seat

There are sometimes when standing up is overrated. Sitting on your paddle board takes the strain off your legs and increases the speed at which you can paddle. Having an adjustable backrest makes sitting on your board a much more comfortable experience. The NIXY kayak seats attach to the D-rings mounted around the board and can be adjusted for your preferred paddle position.

Nixy Sports | GearPro guide


Why Choose Nixy Sports

From high-quality paddles and ultralight boards to direct community outreach, it’s obvious why NIXY is a leader in the inflatable SUP community. Whether you chose to pick up a new dry bag or a purpose-built board you will find a company willing to put its money where its mouth is in terms of quality, support, and protecting the environment. Grab a paddle and know your next NIXY purchase will help more people than just those in the shop.

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