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iRocker – More than just awesome SUP’s

iROCKER paddle board highlighted in blue and white on the water

iRocker – More than just awesome SUP’s

The world of stand-up paddleboards has grown rapidly in recent years, all while the market for inflatable stand-up paddleboards has skyrocketed. As we mentioned in our Inflatable kayak article(Link-Things To Consider When Choosing An Inflatable Kayak), inflatable watercraft is an excellent option for just about anyone to get on the water and explore.

iROCKER is the clear leader when it comes to inflatable stand-up paddleboards. Since 2013 founder Steve Elder has been making it easier for just about anyone to Live Life On The Water and built iROCKER into the powerhouse it is today.iROCKER isn’t just another inflatable SUP company, they are the best selling SUP brand worldwide; their product line includes traditional “Hard” SUPs, Towables, Docks, and even Coolers. Don’t worry; we’ll touch on all of these product lines as we continue. Sit back or click through and learn all about what rocker has to offer.

Inflatable SUPs

iROCKER’s claim to fame is their inflatable line of stand-up paddleboards or SUPs for short. All of their SUPs come with the standard storage and travel bag that includes rolling wheels for ease of transport across a parking lot or even the airport. Every board has a rod mount, cup holder mount, GoPro mount, and carry strap. Fins, paddle, pump, repair kit, and ten-foot leash are also included making any of their products a great value. For those concerned with durability, all iROCKER’s boards are warrantied for at least one year and are dog-proof; yes, their FAQ lists their boards as able to withstand dog nails.

Now let’s dive into their three lines of inflatables to choose from: The Nautical, TheiROCKER, and The Blackfin.

The Nautical

The Nautical is iROCKER’s entry line of boards. These feature a double-layer composite for the body material; Two-ply creates a lighter board that, in turn, is more budget-minded. The included pump is a single chamber style. It works great for casual use and maintains the lightweight concept of the board. For the cost savings on the board, there is more than enough left over to buy one of iROCKER’s electric pumps to save your arm strength for paddling and not pumping. The Nautical is rated at 265lbs and comes with a one-year warranty.


The company’s namesake, the iROCKER, features several styles from the shorter “Cruiser” to the 11′ “Sport .”The iROCKER features a triple layer composite giving added rigidity and durability while only weighing a few pounds more. This line features four action mounts for all your recording gear, along with nine attachment points so nothing will end up like Wilson from “Castaway .”All iROCKER model SUPs come with a dual-chamber pump that can inflate the board in around ten minutes and a two-year warranty. With a weight limit of up to 435lbs, these boards can hold you, your gear, and your kiddo or furry friend, whichever is better behaved.

The Blackfin

This tenacious little tuna is a fitting name for iROCKER’s premium line of inflatable SUPs. The Blackfin is a triple-ply construction board built with the fisherman in mind. This board features eight action mounts and eleven attachment points, perfect for tethering all your gear. The Blackfin also includes a sand spike for staying in place while wading or flats fishing and a rod rack for added angler value. With a weight limit of 485lbs, you can run all your gear and a cooler with plenty of weight left to stack it with fish.

Hard SUPs

If you are looking for a traditional “Hard” board, the iROCKER Blackfin Hard Board is it. A high-density foam core is wrapped in fiberglass and encased in 1.3mm ABS polycarbonate, making a rigid ding-resistant board. For added protection, the nose and tail are reinforced with six layers of Kevlar fiber, yes, Kevlar, the stuff they make bulletproof vests out of. The Blackfin is a touch heavier than the inflatable line, but the tradeoff is never having to worry about inflating or deflating aboard again. Every hardboard is warrantied for three years.


If you are in the mood to fill your day on the water with action and forgo the paddle, grab aniROCKER Boat tube. Instead of the average round tube from your local store, the Boat Tube is designed to withstand the abuse that comes with towing. Wrapped in a neoprene top and slick bottom, the Boat Tube is designed to hold two riders for however long they can stay on.


iROCKER also makes a few floating platforms for relaxation. The Floating Swim Mat and the Floating Dock.

The Swim Mat is a 12’x6′ multilayer foam mat that rolls up and unfurls, so you can deploy this mobile playground anytime you want. Four anchor points can be tethered to a SUP and towed or to an actual anchor to keep it at the desired position. The mat has a weight capacity of 1100 pounds, allowing the whole family to recline and relax on their floating hangout.

The Floating Dock is made with the same technology and features as their inflatable boards. Utilizing a multilayered composite body, the dock, when inflated, has the same rigidity as the rest of the SUP line. Since we are talking about the same company, all of the accessories from pumps to cup holders on your paddleboards are compatible with the Floating Dock. Yes, the dock is dog rated and comes with a two-year warranty, combine that with a 1100lbs weight limit, allowing the entire family to relax in the middle of the lake or favorite sand bar.


When you’re paddling out you may find yourself in need of a beverage, luckily iROCKERhas premium coolers also. Their smallest and most compact cooler is the Pop-Up. Designed to compress flat when not in use, the pop-up can be attached to attachment points on your board to hold a chilled 12-pack of ice or much-needed snacks. The top hatch gives you easy access without having to fuss with zippers.

If you find yourself in need of a larger cooler for your SUP look into the Deck Bag, this 11”x13” soft cooler attaches to your board’s D-rings and provides enough storage for lunch and drinks without getting in the way of your view or other gear.

Looking for a more portable cooler? The Backpack Cooler is a 30liter insulated dry bag backpack. Allowing you to store your clothes and towel in it, or you can fill it with 20lbs of ice and two 12 packs that will stay cold for up to 72 hours. The choice is yours, either way, you won’t be disappointed.

If the classic hard cooler is more your style, iROCKER has a 25 and 45-liter rotomolded cooler to fit your needs. These nearly indestructible coolers feature a quick drain plug and non-slip rubber feet to keep them stationary in choppy conditions. Don’t worry about consuming everything in these coolers in one sitting, they keep ice for days!

As you can see, iROCKER is more than just a paddleboard company. Their attention to quality and innovation sets their inflatable boards above the competition, and this mindset extends to everything else in their line as well. Whether cruising on a paddleboard, being towed on a tube, or feeling the waves lull you into relaxation on a floating mat, you will be glad you looked into iROCKER.

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