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GOAT Box Company

GOAT Box Company | GearPro Guide

GOAT Box Company

Are You Ready For Anything?


GOAT Box Co isn’t an acronym for the “Greatest Of All Time,” though their products may have you considering it. Instead, the company’s name came from the people they wanted to serve, people who GO AT life. Their idea was to create a cooler system that carried everything you could need. Not just a high-quality cooler you could trust in the backcountry, but a whole camp unit complete with dry storage for everything from spices to first aid.

GOAT box has several products that can all be used in harmony with each other or separately, depending on the tasks at hand. All of them come with a 100-days satisfaction guarantee and are proudly made in the USA. Let’s dig in and discover why GOAT box is a company you need to be familiar with if you plan on going at life the way they intend to.


The Hub 50

GOAT’s line of coolers is named the Hub, partly due to the cooler being the center of the GOAT system. The Hub is a rotomolded plastic cooler with tie-downs, a locking lid, and a nonslip base. The two inches of the Freeze Frame™ insulation will keep ice for days longer than the competition. When the ice eventually does melt, a drain plug on the side is sturdy enough to take a beating from the accidental falls off the tailgate. Not only do these coolers keep their cool, but they are also surprisingly compact for their storage capacity. Both the hinges and lid latches are set into the cooler, making the Hub fit in its footprint instead of snagging your leg or side of the boat.


The Hub comes in two sizes, the 70 and the 50. Both have the same ideas at heart but naturally have some different specs based on their size.

The Hub 50 is the smaller of the two Hubs. The Hub 50 is designed for small group camping or a day at the beach; this lighter unit still maintains all the features of its bigger version but in a more manageable size.

Exterior Dimensions: (L×W×D)17.29″ x 30.86″ x 17.49″

Capacity: 38 Quarts

Weight:  25lbs


25lbs38 Quarts 40 Beers + Ice30.86"17.49"17.29"Front

The Hub 70

The Hub 70 is the flagship model of GOAT box’s coolers. With a capacity of more than 60 quarts, you can hold enough beer, ice, and food to last for a week’s hunt or a very exciting weekend of tailgating. The overall footprint of the Hub 70 is wider than the competition due to the CAN system’s corner positions. This extended base keeps the Hub 70 highly stable even when riding in choppy seas. To help organize your Hub, the 70 series also has the ability to add a divider, so your raw products stay clear of your drinks and ready-to-eat foods.

Exterior Dimensions (L×W×D) 36.83 x 23.14 x 17.89 in

Capacity: 62.29 Quarts

Weight: 42.2 lbs

GOAT Box Company | GearPro Guide

WeightInsulation ThicknessVolumelengthHeightWidthNet
42.2 lbs2.0"62.29QT36.83"17.89"23.14"Front

Both size Hubs come in four colors: white, Sand Dune(tan), Desert Orange, and Gravel Gray. The Hub also comes with a cargo net to store non-food items like sunscreen or utensils. Both hubs have a CAN system and built-in storage for four included CANs. Curious as to what CANs are? We are covering that right now in our next section of GOAT box company’s product lineup.


The creators of GOAT box saw a problem in outdoor adventure and tailgating that needed to be solved. How do we keep all our gear together? How can you keep your spices, phone chargers, and even first aid close at hand? You create CANS. With a transparent body, identification of the contents is a snap. For even faster identification, the handle has a replaceable label, allowing the user to change the contents as needed.

The GOAT CAN is a clear watertight container made from a NASA-derived polycarbonate. This polycarbonate blend keeps the CANs lightweight and able to stand a wide range of temperatures while maintaining their drop strength. The blend is food safe, so if you decide to use it as a makeshift cereal bowl or mix some campfire margaritas up, your worries will only be on the shenanigans to follow.

The lockable top is airtight, keeping your contents dry and safe from the elements. The nonslip handle makes removing and carrying the CAN easier than standard food storage containers.

The CANs are fantastic, but what makes them a key player in the GOAT box lineup is that they have been designed to lock into the Hub. The Hub 70 and Hub 50 have room for four CANs allowing you to bring whatever easily misplaced items along in their own easy-to-access, watertight containers.

GOAT Box Company | GearPro Guide

Yes12.25 in5.5"4.6 "Olypropylene lid


If you need more than four CANs, the RACK system is next on your shopping list. GOAT box’s RACK system is a rotomolded shelving unit designed to organize and safely store up to eight CANs. By utilizing the labeling system on the CANs, you can simply grab and go with whatever four you need for your trip. The RACK also makes excellent sense for your emergency gear, from flashlights and candles to first aid. Having your RACK ready will make whatever disaster may come your way much easier to ride out. The Rack would also make an excellent addition to our camper or trunk. The RACK is available in the same four colors as the Hub, white, orange, tan, and gray.

GOAT Box Company | GearPro Guide

FeetConstructionCans StorageLengthWidthHeight
Non-slip rubberHeavy-duty Hardcase8261513.25


GOAT box co doesn’t just provide containers for your next adventure. They also stock ala carte style kits to save the headache of what you may pack for your next adventure. These kits are designed to fit inside your CANs and are purpose-built for the tasks. Some of the options for your kits include basic first aid, hunt camp nutrition, Basic shelter, and even a “Power Boost” charging kit complete with a NOCO battery charger. The best part of these kits, beyond the fact that they save you a ton of money and are super portable, is the fact that they are filled with high-quality products that come from name-brand companies. These companies are brand partners with GOAT Box like My Medic, Katadyn, and Sea-To-Summit. All these brands stand with their products and are ready to meet the challenges you can put them through.

Whether you plan on taking the Hub 70 out on a week-long camping trip or your 50 for a tailgate, you will have one of the best coolers on the market to keep your drinks and food cold regardless of how hot it gets outside. If you need to kick up your food’s flavor, bandage a cut, or break down a deer, all you need to do is pop the correct CAN out of your cooler’s compartment, and you will be in business. We began this piece by saying that GOAT isn’t an acronym, but when considering the versatility and value of this system, it seems appropriate that their name is that. Looking for the “greatest of all time” for your next outdoor adventure? Look at the company that has your idea in mind, GO AT life and grab a GOAT box.

GOAT Box Company | GearPro Guide

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