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Gili Sports MENO ISUP Review

Gili Sports MENO ISUP Review

Gili Sports MENO Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board


There’s something special about hopping on a SUP and gliding across the water, feeling the gentle rhythm of the waves beneath your feet and the wind in your hair. When it comes to Stand-Up Paddle Boards (SUPs), it’s important to find a reliable and versatile option that can enhance your water adventures



  • With its 35-inch width and 450 lbs. weight capacity, the Gili Sports MENO offers exceptional stability, allowing you to maintain your balance with ease. No more wobbles or fears of toppling over!
  • The MENO features several fins that help it stand tall against unexpected currents and sudden gusts of wind, ensuring that you can navigate through challenging conditions with confidence.
  • It comes with all the necessary accessories, such as an inflation pump, bag, safety leash, and repair kit, so you can enjoy every second on the water without any worries.
  • One unique aspect of the Gili Sports MENO is that a portion of your SUP purchase gets donated to charities that help save oceans, reefs, and endangered sea creatures. By choosing this paddle board, you’re not only creating memories but also making a positive impact on the environment.


  • While testing this SUP, we noticed that its deck provides minimal traction. While it may not be a major issue under normal circumstances, if your feet get wet (which is quite likely when you’re out on the water), you may experience some slipping or sliding. This can be a bit challenging, especially when trying to maintain your balance during dynamic movements or sudden shifts in weight distribution.
  • Another aspect that could be improved is the handle design. While the MENO features three convenient carry handles (one in the center, one in the back, and one in the rear), some users may find the handles to be less ergonomically designed compared to other paddle boards on the market. This may result in slightly less comfort or ease when carrying the board, especially over longer distances.

There’s something special about hopping on a SUP and gliding across the water, feeling the gentle rhythm of the waves beneath your feet and the wind in your hair. When it comes to Stand-Up Paddle Boards (SUPs), it’s important to find a reliable and versatile option that can enhance your water adventures. If you’re looking for a quality SUP that’s easy to use and durable, then check out the Gili Sports MENO Inflatable Paddle Board.

At first glance, the Gili Sports MENO Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board — with its sleek design and vibrant colors — seems like any other standard SUP on the market. However, once we took it out on various water bodies, we were pleasantly surprised by its remarkable performance and exceptional features. This inflatable paddle board proved to be more than meets the eye, exceeding our expectations and leaving us eager to explore its capabilities further. Let’s see how the Gili Sports MENO Inflatable Paddle Board is different from the rest.

Gili Sports MENO Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board: Specs Sheet


Main Category SUP
Board Dimension 10’6” L x 35” x 6”
Weight 23 lbs
Max Weight Capacity 450 lbs
Recommended PSI 12 to 18 PSI
Material Fusion dual-layer technology
Fins Tri setup fins with US center fins and snap-in side fins
Price Range Medium
Warranty 2 years


One of the standout qualities of the Gili Sports MENO is its impressive stability. With its 35 inches width, this inflatable paddle board provides a solid and balanced platform, allowing you to glide through calm lakes or navigate choppy waves in the open sea with ease. Even when faced with unexpected currents or gusts of wind, the MENO remained steady, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected plunges or a surprise encounter with the sharks.

Unlike other SUPs, this one has a whopping 450 lbs. weight capacity that adds to its overall stability. Whether you’re paddling solo, bringing along a friend, or planning or performing some yoga tricks, this board won’t budge or lose its balance. So, go ahead and pack a picnic, bring your fishing gear, or load up with camping supplies.


One of the most enjoyable features of the Gili Sports MENO was its exceptional maneuverability. Equipped with a responsive and agile design, this paddle board allowed us to effortlessly navigate tight corners and swiftly change direction when we encountered hidden logs and branches. It even responded promptly to subtle shifts in weight and paddle strokes, offering better control and momentum.

With its large center fin and pointed nose, this SUP conquers different water bodies and keeps the right track. But wait, there’s more! The Gili Sports MENO takes it a step further with its snap-in small side fins. These little wonders offer the perfect balance of maneuverability and trackability, so you can rest assured that this board can handle every twist and turn of adventurous river rapids.



When it comes to construction quality, the Gili Sports MENO Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board truly shines. Its impressive build incorporates top-notch features that ensure durability, performance, and a touch of style. This inflatable paddle board is constructed using fusion dual-layer technology with a drop-stitch core that offers the best of both worlds — a robust board that weighs as little as 23 pounds while still being able to withstand bumps, scrapes, and even the occasional encounter with rocks or shallow areas.

This board even features carbon tech side rails that act as a shield against potential impacts and abrasions, keeping your board looking sharp and ready for action!

It’s also worth mentioning that even though this board has military-grade PVC construction, it may take a hit with sudden collision, but it will not break or crack. But you can take advantage of its 60 days guarantee and 2 years warranty.


This inflatable paddle board comes with a range of premium features that enhance the overall paddling experience. Let’s check them out!

Carry handles

This paddle board is all about making your life easier when it comes to transportation. With not just one but three strategically placed handles, you have multiple options for carrying and maneuvering the board. There’s a handle in the center, one in the back, and another in the rear. The center handle even features a neoprene coating for added comfort. While we certainly loved this added convenience, we really wished the others had that coating as well.

Bungee cords

The Gili Sports MENO knows that you’re an adventurer who wants to bring along essentials on your paddleboarding escapades. The board features a generous bungee cord system with as many as 17 d-rings that allows you to securely attach your gear. From dry bags to water bottles, and even a small cooler for those well-deserved snacks and chilled beverages, the MENO has you covered. There’s even an integrated paddle holder, so you can perform your yoga poses without worrying about your paddles floating away.

Action mounts

Just like other inflatable paddle boards, this one also comes equipped with five action mounts, providing endless possibilities for customization. These mounts allow you to attach various accessories, such as a camera, Bluetooth speakers, fishing rod holder, bait trays, or even a cup holder for that refreshing beverage. And let’s not forget the three Scotty mounts, which give you even more flexibility in adding accessories to suit your paddling style.


The MENO inflatable stand-up paddle board comes with a range of accessories that improve its functionality and provide much-needed convenience.


The included carbon fiber paddle is a true gem, combining lightweight design and durability. The carbon fiber shaft keeps things feather-light, while the nylon blade ensures efficient paddling power. With the twist lock system, you can easily adjust the paddle’s length to suit your height and paddling style. It’s like having a paddle that’s custom-made just for you! And when it’s time to pack up, this paddle breaks down to a compact 38 inches and weighs only 29 ounces. It’s portable perfection!


Unlike other inflatable boards with tedious pumping systems, this one comes with a dual-stage triple-action pump that allows for faster and more effective inflation, so you can hit the waves in no time. In fact, this pump can inflate your paddle board within a mere 15 minutes. Now that’s what we call efficiency! It also reduces muscle strain and effort, so you can paddle for longer.


The included rolling bag is not just your average storage solution; it’s a travel companion! With its sturdy construction and comfortable handles, it makes transporting your fully deflated and rolled-up paddle board a breeze. It features a spacious front pocket so you can pack away your snacks, beverages, tackle kit, sunscreen, camera, and much more with ease. And since it comes with sturdy wheels, you won’t have to worry about staining your arms or shoulders with heavy loads.


The 10’ coiled leash is an essential safety accessory that keeps you connected to your board at all times. It easily attaches to the D-rings on your board and offers a comfortable and secure fit. With its coiled design, it minimizes drag and keeps the leash from tangling during your paddling sessions.

Fin kit

Moving on to the fin kit, the Gili Sports MENO doesn’t disappoint. The included fin kit features a 9″ race fin, a 4.5″ speed fin, and a 3″ river fin. These fins offer versatility and control, catering to various water conditions and paddling styles. So whether you plan on racing with your friends or exploring the serene rivers, this fin kit has got you covered.

Summary Review of the Gili Sports MENO Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a leisurely paddle or an experienced adventurer seeking thrilling water activities, the Gili Sports MENO Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board is ready for any aquatic escapades. Its 10’6” length and 35” wide deck offer stellar stability, ensuring smooth sailing and epic balance.

And while most SUP has a maximum 300 lbs. weight capacity, this one supports a whopping 450 lbs., so you can bring along your whole crew or pack all the gear you can think of. With its premium pump, you can get on the water in 15 minutes tops!

Best of all, Gili Sports supports ocean conservation — so what’s not to love? Sure, there are a couple of minor quirks, but with some simple solutions, they won’t rain on your parade.

So, grab the Gili Sports MENO Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board, ride those waves, and let’s make memories that’ll last a lifetime!

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