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Geckobrands is a Michigan-based outdoor company that started in 2012. It’s tempting to say Geckobrands is a backpack company with a large portion of their product line focused on waterproof packs for any sort of wet weather adventures. But that would fail to highlight their lineup of coolers, tech cases, totes, and even camp cookware. Rather than slap a name on what Geckobrands should be labeled, we will take you through a tour of the types of products they carry so you can decide for yourself what Geckbrands means for you and your adventures.


Unlike many gear companies that have to highlight water resistance as an item’s special feature, Geckobrands makes so many of their products to be waterproof that this article will specifically mention items that DON’T fit those criteria. It’s safe to say that a majority of products that you would run across are designed to be used for wet weather or nautical-based adventures.


Premium backpacks

Geckobrands carries a number of different backpack styles. Each of these styles is, of course, waterproof. Up first is The Paddler. The Paddler features an external zippered pocket for quick access to items, and the main compartment is accessible through the classic dry bag closure on the top. The bag is constructed with a PVC tarpaulin material making it both rigid and weatherproof. The paddler is available in 30 and 45-liter capacities, which is more than enough for your daily paddle needs.

The 32-liter Dueler Backpack more closely resembles a traditional backpack with a large zippered compartment as well as the dry back style compartment. The two large compartments work great for separating wet clothes from dry clothes after a day on the water. The Dueler also comes with multiple external mesh pouches for water bottles or sunscreen. For ease of drying, the Dueler has a built-in hook, allowing the pack to be suspended to dry more efficiently.

The Hydroner is the smallest of the waterproof backpack line. At 20 liters, the classic roll-top style bag still has plenty of room to keep your gear dry and secure. A large mesh pouch on the front of the bag gives users quick access to a water bottle or snacks. An awesome feature of this bag compared to the rest of the backpack line is the built-in smartphone case. While waterproof smartphone pouches are not a new concept, Geckobrands has incorporated their pouch into the Hydroner. Now you can text, snap a selfie, or check the weather while keeping the phone dry and protected, attached to the bag.

While the standard range of book bags is not waterproof, the bags like the Ambition are great bags for anyone needing to carry a bag for daily work. Every pack has a padded sleeve to accommodate up to a 15″ laptop, which is excellent for students or the traveling blogger. With a phone pouch and hidden internal pocket, Geckobrands backpacks are a phenomenal carry-on option too.


Geckobrands doesn’t just make backpacks to carry your gear to new places. They also make a diverse line of totes to well, tote your gear to and from adventures as well. Everything from car organizers to make the trunk a more efficient space to beach totes.

The Escape

On the topic of beach totes, the Escape is the company’s waterproof beach tote. The 25-liter waterproof tote will keep your beach essentials dry and sand free. Both of these are common issues when going to the beach and forgetting that the rising tide may dampen your beach spread.

The 8 Pocket

The eight-pocket tote is ideal for those who favor the open-top style beach tote. Eight external pleated pockets provide quick access and organization for most small items, a great way to keep the face sunscreen separate from the kids’ sunscreen. The large center opening works great for towels and includes a hidden Velcro pouch for your keys and wallet.

Large Utility Tote

For tailgating or longer beach days, the extra space of the large tote comes in handy. The large tote is rigid enough that it won’t collapse or fold under the weight of a whole picnic’s worth of snacks. For those who want to keep their tote more organized, it does ship with dividers to create three compartments.

Car Organizers

If you are anything like me, the trunk of your car becomes a disorganized mess somewhere between closing the trunk and opening it again. In order to keep jumper cables, washer fluid, cleaning wipes, and my backup extra tackle box in one place, a trunk organizer, is a huge help. For those that keep a bit less in their trunks, the organizer folds flat to take up less space. The organizer also works well for shopping carts to keep orders separate and glass bottles from rolling around as you take a sharp turn down the dairy aisle.


While waterproof backpacks may be ideal for carrying a pile of gear in wet environments, there are times when only a few items need to stay dry or afloat. For those times, Geckobrands has smaller waterproof cases perfect for keeping a few items dry and safe. The smallest hard-sided case measures 7.75″ w x 3.75″d x 1.5″h. These floating cases are great for storing a smartphone and keys for a day on the water or even on the beach. The largest case measures 12.2″w x 6.6″d x 4″h. In our opinion, the larger case works great to carry all personal valuables plus leave enough room for paperwork such as boat registration or other important documents.

For those looking at softer-sided options to keep their valuables dry, the floating phone pouches allow users to keep their phones dry and still use them. The clear pouch not only allows users to work a touch screen, but it’s clear enough to use to take photos too.

For those who want access to their phones and still need to keep their wallet dry, Geckobrands has you covered. The phone tote combines the text-capable phone pouch with a larger secondary waterproof pouch. While the phone tote doesn’t allow for the front-facing camera to work, the case tote does have 2 liters of dry storage volume for whatever you need.


From a day at the beach to a day on the golf green, a soft-sided cooler is a great way to keep your snacks and drinks cold. Of the multiple models, Geckobrands sells, the two we chose to highlight are on either end of the storage spectrum. The large soft-sided cooler has the capacity to hold 24 cans plus ice. The cooler isn’t just for carrying your cold drinks; there are two zippered side pouches for keys, bottle openers, or dry goods that need to ride along. In addition to the zippered pockets, there are also two drawstring closure front pockets for quick grab items like hand sanitizer or sunscreen. A full-sized zippered back pocket provides extra room for larger items like napkins or even paper plates. The large cooler comes with a top hatch-style lid to allow for a quick grab without having to unzip the entire lid to grab a drink.

For a more compact beverage transporter, the golf cooler is Geckobrands answer to a DIY 19th hole. Designed to ride in the side pouch of a golf bag, this beverage cooler will also hold two bottles of wine, which is great for a romantic picnic. Regardless of the choice of beverage, the nine-can vertical cooler keeps ice for up to 8 hours while the zipper design prevents leaking as ice eventually turns to water.

Other Gear

Geckobrands makes seemingly everything. From camp cookware to making a grilled cheese sandwich into floating sunglasses. While the Captiva glasses or cast iron cooker are awesome products, the final gear we will highlight stays in line with the waterproof lineup. The waterproof blanket is the perfect beach blanket. These lightweight blankets fold down for compact storage and unfold to 7 feet by 7 feet. To keep the blanket in place on even windy days, the blanket has built-in pockets to fill with sand and act as an anchor without having to sacrifice lounging space. When the day at the beach is over, simply shake out the blanket, and the sand will bead off the same way water does, ensuring your next lounging experience is as sand free as the first.

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