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The Babymaker II makes a stealthy, comfortable, and less-cramped e-bike with a hidden battery of 36V’s. We would say the Babymaker II is a well-performing road bike with a minimalist frame and a Gates Carbon belt drive. It’s a lightweight e-bike with a sleek, minimalist design and outstanding on-road performance.



  • It is very lightweight and easy to carry
  • The design and looks are very minimal and stylish
  • It doesn’t look like an e-bike
  • It can also be used as a traditional bicycle with zero assistance.
  • The motor and bike are not noisy while in action.
  • The e-bike performs well and feels smooth and rigid under your weight.
  • The brakes are potent.
  • The bike can be password protected.


  • The handlebars might feel a bit low if you have a tall build.
  • The seat could be a little bigger
  • There is no throttle on the bike, so you must pedal to the achieve top-level speed.

After the massive success of the original Babymaker E-bike, FLX has launched the Babymaker II with updated features and a better range.

The Babymaker II makes a stealthy, comfortable, and less-cramped e-bike with a hidden battery of 36V’s. We would say the Babymaker II is a well-performing road bike with a minimalist frame and a Gates Carbon belt drive. It’s a lightweight e-bike with a sleek, minimalist design and outstanding on-road performance.

With the Babymaker II, nobody would know that you are riding an e-bike since it looks like a regular bicycle with stylish looks. To add to its list of applaudable features, the Babymaker II is so light that it can be easily lifted with one hand using only a little bit of strength.

Detailed Overview of the Babymaker II

The stealthy e-bike’s concealed battery has grown by 40% to 36V’s which has also increased the range on a single charge to a claimed 70 miles. You might have to pedal with some strength to reach the top-level speed range.

The Gates Carbon belt drive quickly helps transfer pedal power to the rear wheel. The belt can last tens of thousands of miles without maintenance and never rusts or require adjustment. It is very powerful and durable as well.

The brakes are Magura hydraulic disc brakes. The brakes are high-quality and feel overkill on a light bike like the Babymaker II, but who’s complaining?

The handlebar is a 620 mm wide straight bar with a black leather grip that looks premium, stylish, and super comfortable.

The display is simple, easy to use, and looks impressive with the handlebar making the bike more attractive.

The brakes are powered by Magura MT30 hydraulic disc that is very powerful.

350 watt rear hub motor is tranquil, doesn’t make any noise, and is rated up to 25 miles per hour. The e-bike’s controllers are so tiny that it’s difficult to determine if it’s an electric bike or standard.

The bike has the essentials, but you can buy extra accessories like rear rack fenders, water bottle holders, and several other accessories through the FLX store at a reasonable price.

The battery is a 36 Volt 10-ampere lithium-ion made by Samsung and is built into the body of the bike very cleanly. You can easily remove the battery for maintenance and replace it as needed.

The tires on the Babymaker II look clean, stylish, and solid. You can differentiate the quality of the tires just by looking at them.

The bike is available in 2 sizes, small and medium. The small size is 19 inches, while the medium size is 23 inches. Overall, it’s a clean and stylish bike.


TOTAL WEIGHT 35 lbs (15.84 kg)
BATTERY WEIGHT 2.5 lbs (1.13 kg)
RATED WEIGHT CAPACITY 275 lbs (124.74 kg)
FRAME 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy
ACCESSORY MOUNTS Seat Tube Bottle Cage Mounts, Rear Rack Bolt Holes
BRAKES Magura MT30 Hydraulic Disc
TIRES Kenda 700x28c Presta Valve
HANDLEBAR 620mm Wide Straight Bars
WHEELS 700C. Rims: 22mm (external), 19mm (internal)
GRIPS Black or Brown Ergonomic Faux Leather
PEDALS Wellgo ME55 Aluminum

What Is New On The Babymaker II?

  • Very lightweight, weighing about 35 lbs.
  • 43% larger battery
  • 36V 10AH Samsung 5E
  • It is built with 3-hour fast charging
  • It has the power of an e-Bike with no bulk
  • It can travel up to 70 miles on a single charge (economy mode)
  • The handlebars are upgraded to stylish and comfortable, ergonomic flat bars
  • The Babymaker’s cockpit is bigger and broader, making it a more comfortable and less cramped ride

What We Love About The Babymaker II?

  • It’s a lightweight bike that can easily be picked with little strength and carried anywhere (it can be put in your car, truck, etc. easily).
  • The display is simple, small, easy to use, blends very well with the handlebar, and you can also -password protect your bike
  • The 350 rear motor hub isn’t noisy and works effectively and quietly
  • The looks are stylish and minimal. It looks like your standard bicycle.
  • The cables and other components of the e-bike are smartly concealed in a stylish way that doesn’t make it look like an e-bike.
  • The battery is concealed inside the frame very nicely.
  • There are no gears.
  • The handlebars are nice, strong, solid, and super comfortable.
  • The hydraulic brake system is super strong and highly sensitive.
  • The controller is very nice, tiny, and minimalist in design.

Babymaker II’s Field Test

We tested the Babymaker II and have gathered a few things about this fantastic bike that might help you get a clearer picture of how it performs. The Babymaker II made the cut to be featured on our Best E-Bikes List easily due to several factors.

It features a smooth and quiet ride with little to no effort. There is absolutely no noise from the motor when in action. It isn’t like other e-bikes that we have tested. It’s easy to ride and feels rigid, stylish, and smooth.

The brakes really stand out to us. The hydraulic disc brakes are so efficient and powerful that the bike could be stopped with the press of a single finger without much effort. It is so far the best brakes we have come across.

We tested the top speed on the bike to be about 20 miles per hour. We hit 21 miles per hour, but only with some pedaling effort (with the rider weighing about 240 pounds).

There’s no throttle on this bike. If you want the motor to kick in, you’ll have to start pedaling! However, with user-selectable power levels, riders can decide if they want a lower assist fitness ride or a higher power joy ride based on their preference.

Field test when passenger resistance reduced to level zero 

Zero passenger resistance means you have no assistance from the motor, like riding a regular bicycle. The zero-resistance field test is fantastic and feels like a regular bike while riding. It is a smooth ride and can pick speeds up to 13-14 miles per hour. It feels pretty lightweight and smooth under the weight.

Field test when passenger resistance set to level 1

You won’t feel any difference on level 1. It’s still the same, like a regular bike.

Field test when passenger resistance set to level 2

Again, no difference is felt on the ride. It is the same as before.

Field test when passenger resistance set to level 3

You can feel a slight difference and assistance on level 3. The top speed attained on level 3 is 12 to 13 miles per hour on the riding test.

Field test when passenger resistance set to level 4

You do feel a difference while pedalling on level 4. It isn’t a very impactful feeling, but it is still there. You might get a bit tired of pedalling until you reach level 4, but the assistant impact will slowly kick in, and the effort will be reduced. On level 4, the top speed attained is 17-18 miles per hour.

Field test when passenger resistance set to level 5

The pedalling feel on level 5 is simply incredible. It is not a big kick, and you will thoroughly enjoy pedalling as you move along the streets. It rides very smoothly and with ease. The highest speed attained is about 20 to 21 miles per hour.

Overall, we confirmed that the Babymaker II is a fun ride that’s smooth and rigid under your weight, you can feel yourself soaring with the wind while on level 5 assistance. We love the bike’s overall performance and believe the Babymaker II brings a significant revolution in how e-bikes are designed. The Babymaker II is highly recommended to every bike lover out there.


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