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Electric Bike Maintenance Basics

Electric Bike Maintence | GearPro guide

Electric Bike Maintenance Basics

Electric bikes need routine maintenance to keep functioning at top shape (and speed). Because of the complex components of e-bikes, they require more maintenance than a peddle bike; that should be no surprise. Owning and maintaining an e-bike requires no more care and consideration than a regular motorized vehicle. Don’t worry; just like our guides on understanding and selecting e-bikes, we will walk you through how to keep your bike running in top shape for many miles to come.

Get a Routine

To better understand your bike’s needs and to keep all parts in the best shape possible, it’s a great idea to get into a maintenance routine. If you own a car, you are familiar with scheduled oil changes, topping off fluids, and checking the tires. While e-bikes don’t have oil to change, bikers can copy the structure of least to most invasive, all the same. These numbers are a good start for a casual rider who puts most of their miles on a bike on pavement. For intense riders, either long-distance or off-road, halving these numbers might be better.

Electric Bike Maintence | GearPro guide

Check Tires: Every ride

Keeping your tires properly inflated is key to getting good mileage on your bike. Deflated tires are harder to move, and your bike’s mileage per charge will suffer. Squishy tires are less responsive on pavement and absorb less shock when off-road if your tires won’t stay inflated, it’s time for a new set. Better to make that discovery at home rather than halfway through a ride.

Inspect Parts: 200 Miles

Check all your bike parts to ensure they are running smoothly. Parts like seat posts, peddles, and even spokes come loose from the constant vibrations of the road. You can tighten loose parts back down, and if there is any notable wear, you can start the process of finding new nuts, bolts, or parts.

The drive chain of many e-bikes is a part that should be inspected and cleaned frequently. To clean the chain, use a shop rag and an old toothbrush to remove any road grime gumming up the chain. Riders in cold climates should be doubly aware of a gummy chain as it will become stiff and difficult to power. After the chain is clean, lightly coat it with chain lube.

Tune-Up: 300 Miles

A tune-up is more in-depth than routine cleaning. Depending on your knowledge of machines and bike parts, it’s wise to have a bike shop tune up your bike. a shop will often inspect and adjust the brakes, derailer, chain, tires, and rims/hubs. If parts require replacing, the shop can install them quickly, getting you back on the road even faster. Depending on how you ride, 300 miles may be too frequent. If 300 miles is hard to reach, aim for six months between tune-ups at the longest.

Full Overhaul: 1,500 Miles

After a few tune-ups or a particularly long stretch between maintenance, you may be due for an overhaul. Overhauls are just more intense tune-ups. A shop will replace parts, and the bike will be disassembled entirely to ensure everything fits and works in harmony. While an overhaul can seem daunting, e-bikes are major purchases that can last tens of thousands of miles when adequately cared for. The last thing a rider wants while cruising at top speed is for their brakes to fail.

Electric Bike Maintence | GearPro guide


From road grime to mud, your bike will end up dirty. While the frame won’t be hurt by a bit of gunk, too many sensors and connections can become damaged if you let them stay covered. Wash your bike as needed. If you expect freezing weather, keep your bike clean to prevent ice from forming. Before washing your bike, ensure the battery system is turned off and not charging. If the contacts are dirty, wipe them with a dry cloth and close them up to maintain their waterproof capabilities. A bucket of mild soap and water is all you need to remove dirt from your bike. Gently scrub and rise the frame, tires, chain, and outside of the motor to free any debris.

Battery Upkeep

Rechargeable batteries require upkeep, just like the rest of the bike. Unlike the other components, batteries don’t require overhauls or anything of that nature. Batteries should be charged and discharged according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Avoid overcharging your battery or leaving it discharged or flat for prolonged periods. Either will result in reduced battery life. If you aren’t planning on riding your bike for a few weeks, it’s best to unplug your battery. Suppose you keep your battery stored for longer; it’s best to have it charged halfway, allowing for a quick recharge and keeping the cells full enough to avoid them running flat. If you are parking your bike in very hot or cold conditions, disconnect your battery and keep it with you. Cold temperatures will zap battery life and leave you with a long peddle home to a charger. When charging your battery, make sure you are using only the recommended charger. Chargers with a higher or lower charge rate could damage the battery.

Find a Shop

Don’t be afraid to get help. Most shops are happy to provide you with the information to maintain your bike at home. Shops will have the tools, supplies, and parts needed to keep your e-bike tuned. Being connected to a shop also gives you an excellent avenue should you want to trade up for a new bike.

Electric Bike Maintence | GearPro guide


Electric bike maintenance isn’t rocket science. Yes, it does require more thought than a peddle bike. The flip side is your peddle bike doesn’t have a cruising speed of over 20 miles per hour. By taking a few minutes a day and a few hours a month to clean and inspect your bike, you can save money and extend the life of your e-bike for many, many miles. Grab a rag and start, as you ensure your bike will be ready to roll for the next ride.

E-bikes are awesome tools to offset your fuel budget or to explore further than you would on a standard bike. by selecting a bike that best fits your wants and needs you will save yourself a headache and potentially some money. Stop into your local shop and try out their selection of bikes, in no time you will find the ideal ride for you. Have fun and we will see you on the trail.



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