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Daiwa Procyon MQ Spinning Reel

Daiwa Procyon MQ Spinning Reel

Spinning reels can often make or break the fishing experience for avid anglers. Whether it’s the gear’s lackluster performance, challenging bail trip, or limited line capacity, each of these concerns can significantly lower on-the-water productivity. But the Daiwa Procyon MQ Spinning Reel is here to change that.

Designed with unrivaled precision, this reel features a monocoque body, allowing for larger gears in a streamlined design. While most of its features are quite similar to previous models, the Procyon MQ offers some significant upgrades that make it stand out among other spinning reels on the market. In this article, we will explore the key distinctions and advantages that the Daiwa Procyon MQ Spinning Reel brings to the table. Let’s check them out!

Specifications of Daiwa Procyon MQ Spinning Reel


Model Bearings Gear Ratio Line per crank Maximum drag Weight
PCNMQLT1000D 6BB+1 5.1 25.4 11 6
PCNMQLT2000D 6BB+1 5.2 28.7 11 6.2
PCNMQLT2500D-XH 6BB+1 6.2 34.5 22 6.9
PCNMQLT3000D-XH 6BB+1 6.2 36.8 22 7.6
PCNMQLT4000D-CXH 6BB+1 6.2 39.1 26.4 8.1

Detailed Overview of The Daiwa Procyon MQ Spinning Reel Features

AirDrive Bail

One of the noteworthy features of the Daiwa Procyon MQ Spinning Reel is the AirDrive Bail system. It consists of a hollow stainless-steel bail uniquely designed to be more rigid and durable while maintaining an ultra-lightweight feel. This seemingly small detail drastically improved our casting distance and accuracy by reducing line tangles and preventing backlash.

Unlike many other reels with standard wire, the Procyon MQ utilizes thickened material for its bail. As you manually flip the bail, you’ll notice an immediate, tactile difference. The material feels solid and comfortable to the touch, further adding to the overall satisfaction of using this reel.


AirDrive Rotor

The Procyon MQ’s AirDrive Rotor is yet another example of meticulous engineering. The AirDrive Rotor is designed to be extremely rigid, an aspect we particularly appreciated when subjecting it to high drag pressures. We found that the rotor remained stable with minimal flex, providing maximum control during those intense moments when reeling in a big catch. It also lowered start-up inertia, making casting and retrieving much easier.

Beyond its functionality, the AirDrive rotor’s lightweight design also enhances the reel’s overall balance, making long fishing sessions more comfortable and less strenuous on your wrist. In fact, the generous cut-out design has reduced 33% of the weight of this reel, so you can easily attach it to your rod without feeling the extra weight.

Gear Ratio

The Daiwa Procyon MQ spinning reel offers two different gear ratio options to cater to various fishing styles and preferences.

For the smaller-size models, the gear ratio is 5.1 and 5.2, allowing for more controlled and steady retrieves. This makes them ideal for anglers targeting species that require a subtle approach.

On the other hand, the larger, more advanced models boast a higher gear ratio of 6.2, providing quicker line retrieval. This makes them perfect for those who seek to cover more water in less time or target fast-swimming fish.

Moreover, the Procyon MQ spinning reel integrates Daiwa’s exclusive DIGIGEAR technology. This entails the use of digitally cut gears that are precision-designed to mesh perfectly, providing a smooth operation with minimal friction and wear. The results? A longer-lasting reel with higher gear strength and more efficient energy transfer for unprecedented command over fish.

Maximum Drag

One of the key features we were particularly impressed with on the Daiwa Procyon MQ spinning reel was the maximum drag capacity, which ranges between a respectable 11 and an impressive 26.4 pounds, depending on the model.

The reel also incorporates the advanced ATD™ (Advanced Tournament Drag) system. We found this to be a considerable advantage when setting the hook and battling fish. In practical terms, what this means is that as soon as you set the hook, the reel intelligently adds drag resistance. This immediate increase in pressure secures a firm hold on the fish right from the start.

But that’s not all. The real beauty of the ATD system lies in its responsiveness. As the fish starts to fight back and pull on the drag, the system smartly adapts, automatically reverting to your chosen drag setting. This automatic control removes any guesswork and helps prevent line breaks, ultimately making catching fish less of a struggle and much more of a joy.


Ball Bearings

The Daiwa Procyon MQ spinning reel is powered by a 6BB+1 ball bearing system, which takes the reel’s overall performance to another level. The six ball bearings are strategically placed within the reel to minimize friction between moving parts, thereby enhancing the reel’s smoothness and reducing unnecessary wear and tear.

As for the “+1”, it signifies an additional roller bearing that’s uniquely designed to tackle anti-reverse functionality. This feature ensures immediate hook-setting power by eliminating any back play in the handle as soon as you get a bite.

ABS Spool

The reel’s handle is machined from aluminum with a screw-in design, making it both durable and dependable. This style provides a solid connection between the handle and the main gearing system, eliminating any unwanted movement or wobbles during intense reeling scenarios.

And since it’s made from aluminum, the handle offers superior strength and resistance to corrosion, guaranteeing exceptional longevity. On top of that, the handle’s soft yet secure texture allows for excellent hold, even in wet or slippery conditions.


Durability is a crucial factor we consider when evaluating any reel, and the Daiwa Procyon MQ Spinning Reel truly shines in this regard. The MONOCOQUE body essentially refers to a one-piece frame with no side plate. The result is a solid, unbroken exterior that’s markedly higher in rigidity and sturdier under pressure. This design element helps the reel withstand all the rigors of angling, which means you can use it in freshwater or saltwater.

It’s worth noting that this MONOCOQUE structure not only makes the reel more robust but also provides a much larger space for larger, stronger gearing. We found this to be particularly beneficial as it meant the reel was even more capable of tackling substantial catches.

Light Tough Construction

But the secret to the Procyon MQ’s durability doesn’t end there. Daiwa has taken it a step further by incorporating Light Tough construction into the reel’s design. With the Light Tough philosophy, the reel is engineered to be as lightweight as possible without compromising on its toughness. This translates to a reel that’s effortless to handle but incredibly resilient.


Whether you’re looking for better casting capacity, improved reel control, or simply seeking to elevate your overall fishing performance, the Procyon MQ is your ticket to success. With its dynamic blend of features, including the distinctive ATD™ drag system, versatile gear ratios, efficient ball bearing system, and unmatched durability, it’s an investment that’s worth every dime. And for just $179.99, it’s truly a steal deal for any angler who values high-quality performance and reliability without breaking the bank.

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