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How to Choose Right Ski Goggles

Choosing The Right Ski Goggles :Optimizing Vision

Ski goggles are a pivotal piece of equipment for winter sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re an alpine skier, a snowboarder, or just someone enjoying the snow, having the right pair can greatly enhance your experience. Let’s dive into the considerations and features you should keep in mind.

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Stand Up Paddle Board Shapes and Styles | GearPro guide

Your Ultimate Guide to Stand Up Paddle Board Shapes and Styles

Greetings, fellow paddleboard enthusiasts! Cody here, your trusted GearPro guide. Today, we’re diving deep into the art of understanding SUP board shapes and styles to help you find your ideal match.

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Benefits of Stand-Up Paddle boarding

The Ultimate Guide to the Remarkable Benefits of Stand-Up Paddle boarding

Oh, the wonders of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP)! Not only does it help you escape from the daily grind, but it also serves as a fantastic, all-around workout. Let’s dive deep into the world of SUP and unearth the treasures it holds for our health and wellbeing.

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Free Sunshields: Protecting Your Skin and Your Environment

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental sustainability and personal health, Free Sunshields has emerged as a beacon of innovation .

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Bajio Sunglasses: Your Ultimate Companion for Clear, Stylish Vision

Hey GearPro fam, it’s your go-to guide Cody back with another deep dive into the ever-evolving world of eyewear.

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Manta Racks: Elevating Water Sports Equipment Transport

In the realm of outdoor adventure and water sports, the safe and efficient transportation of equipment has always been a primary concern for enthusiasts.

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Boost Fin

The Boost Fin

The Boost Fin is the culmination of years of research and development by Boost Surfing. It represents a quantum leap in surfboard fin technology, offering surfers an unparalleled combination of performance, control, and maneuverability.

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BOTE Rackham Aero Bug Slinger™ Inflatable SUP

BOTE Rackham Aero Bug Slinger™ Inflatable SUP Review

When most people think about inflatable SUPs, they only imagine the basic, run-of-the-mill boards that are just good enough for a leisurely paddle around the bay. After all, what else could an inflatable paddle board possibly have to offer.

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Isle Explorer Pro 12’ SUP

In a nutshell, the Isle Explorer Pro 12′ SUP Kayak is a fantastic choice for water enthusiasts who want a versatile, lightweight, and feature-packed board. With its top-notch construction, using Infinity fibers, and Powerfuse technology, this board offers excellent durability and stability.

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Pioneer Pro Hybrid SUP Kayak Inflatable Paddle Board

The Pioneer Pro Hybrid SUP Kayak Inflatable Paddle Board offers the perfect balance of stability, manverability and versatility. It’s available in three different sizes, so you can choose the board that’s right for your needs.

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BOTE LONO Aero 12′6″ Verge Camo Inflatable Kayak Review

When it comes to inflatable kayaks, most people envision a compact vessel solely designed for paddling. But if you’re seeking an extraordinary watercraft that effortlessly combines the best of both kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding, then look no further than the remarkable BOTE LONO Aero 12’6″ Verge Camo Inflatable Kayak.

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BOTE Wulf Aero 10′4″ Native Floral Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Gone are the days when you had to lug around hefty, cumbersome paddle boards in search of aquatic adventures. With the rise of inflatable paddle boards, exploring the open waters has become more convenient and exciting than ever before.

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Gili Sports MENO ISUP Review

There’s something special about hopping on a SUP and gliding across the water, feeling the gentle rhythm of the waves beneath your feet and the wind in your hair. When it comes to Stand-Up Paddle Boards (SUPs), it’s important to find a reliable and versatile option that can enhance your water adventures.

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ISLE Pioneer 2.0 Inflatable SUP Review 2023

Isle Pioneer 2.0 Inflatable SUP Review

In recent years, inflatable paddle boards have gained popularity among water sports enthusiasts due to their convenience, portability, and versatility. One brand that has made quite an impression in the market is Isle Surf and SUP, and their Pioneer Inflatable Paddle Board is no exception.

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2023 Tucktec 10' Folding Kayaks

TUCKTEK 2024 10′ Folding Kayak Review

Kayaking has always been a thrilling and rejuvenating experience for water enthusiasts, allowing you to explore the hidden gems of nature while gliding through serene waters. But the problem is that it can be a bit expensive, especially if you have to purchase all the gear necessary to enjoy it.

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Huntington Ultra Compact Paddle Board

Nixy Sports Huntington Ultra Compact Paddle Board Review

When it comes to inflatable paddle boards, we all want something that floats well but doesn’t take up too much space. This is especially true if you plan on taking your SUP with you when traveling or camping.

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Nixy Sports Venice G4 Cruiser

Nixy Sports Venice G4 Cruiser/Yoga Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Designed for both the casual cruiser and the dedicated yogi, the Nixy Sports Venice G4 Cruiser/Yoga Inflatable Paddle Board offers the perfect combination of style, functionality, and of course, adventure. On the surface, it appears as if this paddle board was designed for the casual cruiser who simply wants to enjoy the water without any real pressure.

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Glide O2 Angler Inflatable Fishing Paddle Board

Glide O2 Angler Inflatable Fishing Paddle Board

If you plan to reel in the catch of the day from the middle of the ocean, river, creek, lake…..basically anywhere! then Glide O2 Angler Inflatable Paddle Board is your trusty companion! At first glance, this inflatable paddle board may look like any other, but those who have tried it know that it’s a gem.

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The BLACKFIN CX ULTRA™ is a high-performance inflatable paddle board designed for experienced riders who prioritize speed, stability, and premium features. With a length of 10’6″ and a width of 32.5″, it is one of the fastest on the water.

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The GILI AIR inflatable stand-up paddle board is a high-quality board made for paddlers of all skill levels. Its sturdy design and 6″ thickness enable it to perform exceptionally well in various water conditions.

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The All Around 10′ ULTRA™ Inflatable Paddle Board boasts a sleek, lightweight design that glides effortlessly through the water. Its width provides exceptional stability, allowing riders to turn and maintain control while standing easily. Made with durable woven drop-stitch construction, this SUP is built to last.

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Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak

Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak

The Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak is a sturdy and dependable kayak that can provide the ultimate kayaking experience for two riders. It comes with all the essentials and the right price range.

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How to Keep Your Skin Safe While Paddleboarding | GearPro Guide

How to Keep Your Skin Safe While Paddleboarding

However, a day spent outside is not kind to the skin. Sunburns, itchy skin, and rashes are frequent complaints when paddle boarding all day. Here are some tips on How to Keep Your Skin Safe While Paddleboarding.

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Tucktec Folding Kayak Review

Tired of lugging around a heavy, bulky, or inflatable kayak that could potentially puncture? Then you might want to check out Tucktec’s Folding Kayak…..

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Nixy Sports | GearPro guide

Nixy Sports

NIXY is a Southern California based inflatable paddle board company created in 2015 by founders Ale and Nicholas. Their goal was to design and produce the best SUPS on the market. Their board designs feature carbon fiber rails to reduce the chance of punctures and mounting points for any accessory you could want. Their focus of creating the lightest most durable inflatable boards on the market is certainly met with their current line up.

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Bixpy J-2 Outboard Motor Kit

Kayaks and paddleboards have always been one of our favorite ways to enjoy the water. But, what if your craft wasn’t limited to the speed of your arms? What if you could transform your craft into a high-speed monster?

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Best Boat & Portable Grills

If you love exploring or being on the water and want to bring your barbecue along with you, then a portable grill is a must-have item…

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Bixpy- Life Boosted | GearPro Guide

Bixpy- Life Boosted

In the last decade, portable watercraft like kayaks and paddleboards have increased in popularity to the point where serious anglers or even adventurous often use nothing but these plastic or vinyl crafts.

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iROCKER's Ultra Series Review

iROCKER’s Ultra Series Review

Looking for the most compact, efficient, and portable SUP? Look no further, check out our in-depth review on iROCKER’s New Ultra Series. This Collection is up to 30% lighter and packaged 50% smaller than before.

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Fishing on a Stand Up Paddle Board

Fishing On Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand Up Paddleboards or SUPs have become a go-to fishing vessel for shallow water anglers across the globe. With the increase of inflatable paddle boards, the ability for anglers to store and transport their fishing watercraft has become exponentially easier than with even modest watercraft like kayaks and canoes. With multiple benefits like shallow draft and ease of use, paddleboards are an option that should be closely considered for any angler. This article will cover why to consider a paddleboard, what to look for when choosing one, and essential equipment for the board. We will also share tips and tricks to make your paddleboard fishing even more successful.

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Best Inflatable Kayaks Of 2023

Best Inflatable Kayaks Of 2024

Picking the right inflatable kayak that best suits your needs can be a daunting task. To make it easier, we’ve jotted down some top-of-the-line inflatable kayaks of 2023 that are perfect for fishing trips, exploring shallow waters, or camping with friends. Let’s take a look!

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The Best Coolers of 2023 for Your Outdoor Adventures

Getting Started In Kayak Fishing

kayak fishing is a fun, exciting exercise if you enjoy exploring or fishing. Idling on a gently rocking kayak while fishing in the calm turquoise waters can be incredibly soothing. Not only….

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Best Inflatable Docks Of 2023

Best Inflatable Docks Of 2024

Are you looking for the perfect inflatable dock for your next water outing? Check out our picks for the Top 5 Inflatable Docks in 2023!

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Top 5 spring break boating destinations with scenic views and clear waters

5 Best Spring Break Boating Destinations

No doubt, regardless of where someone resides full-time when spring break rolls around everyone wants to head to warmer destinations to enjoy the sun, water, and boating…

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Guide to choosing an inflatable kayak with various factors listed

Things to Consider When Choosing an Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayaks make owning a kayak a reality even for those with even the smallest storage area. Choosing an inflatable kayak requires understanding a few key features and differences…

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how to choose showshoes | Gearpro guide
Choosing the Perfect Snowshoes for Your Winter Adventures

Snowshoeing offers a unique way to explore winter landscapes. With this GearPro Guide, you’re equipped to find the perfect pair, ensuring safety, comfort, and unforgettable winter adventures.

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How to Choose the Right Snowboard
Choosing The Right Snowboard: The Ultimate Snowboard Selection Guide

Snowboarding is more than just a sport; it’s a passion, an art form, and for many, a way of life. And just like any art form, having the right tools is essential. In this case, it’s all about having the perfect snowboard. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, this in-depth GearPro Guide will navigate you through the vast world of snowboards.

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How to Choose Right Ski Boots
Choosing The Right Ski Boots :Ski Boot Essentials

In the world of skiing, ski boots play a pivotal role, determining not only your comfort but also influencing your performance on the slopes. This Gear Pro Guide offers a deep dive into the realm of ski boots, ensuring that you make the best choice for your skiing adventures.

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