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BOTE LONO Aero 12′6″ Verge Camo Inflatable Kayak Review

BOTE LONO Aero 12′6″ Verge Camo Inflatable Kayak Review

BOTE LONO Aero 12′6″ Verge Camo Inflatable Kayak


When it comes to inflatable kayaks, most people envision a compact vessel solely designed for paddling. But if you’re seeking an extraordinary watercraft that effortlessly combines the best of both kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding, then look no further than the remarkable BOTE LONO Aero 12’6″ Verge Camo Inflatable Kayak.



  • This inflatable kayak offers a versatile design that allows for various water activities, including kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), and fishing. Its removable seat and compatibility with accessory systems provide flexibility and customization options.
  • With its unique flared bow, stiff ridge, integrated keel guard, and side bite fins, the kayak offers exceptional stability and maneuverability. It maintains balance even in choppier waters and allows for precise control, making it suitable for beginners.
  • The kayak has an impressive weight capacity of 400 lbs. so you can bring along your friend, furry pal, or camping gear with ease.


  • As a high-quality and feature-rich inflatable kayak, the BOTE LONO Aero comes at a higher price point compared to some other models on the market.
  • Despite offering a spacious interior, this inflatable kayak may have limited storage capacity compared to larger, hard-shell kayaks.
  • This inflatable kayak doesn’t come with a paddle or rudder system, so they will need to be bought separately if desired.

When it comes to inflatable kayaks, most people envision a compact vessel solely designed for paddling. But if you’re seeking an extraordinary watercraft that effortlessly combines the best of both kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding, then look no further than the remarkable BOTE LONO Aero 12’6″ Verge Camo Inflatable Kayak.

This innovative and versatile gem of a kayak breaks the mold, providing you with an exhilarating experience that actually exceeds conventional expectations. With its cutting-edge technology and rugged durability, this inflatable kayak allows you to navigate through serene lakes and untamed rivers with confidence.

And if you want to catch those prized fish that hide in the most elusive spots? Let’s just say, the BOTE LONO Aero is not only a kayak but also your personal fishing fortress on the water. Its cleverly integrated fishing accessories and strategic design elements make reeling in that trophy catch as easy as casting a line into a tranquil pond. Seems rather interesting, right? Well, we also thought so, and to check whether it lives up to its promises, we took the BOTE LONO Aero 12’6″ Verge Camo Inflatable Kayak for a thorough test.

In this comprehensive review, we dive deep into its features, performance, and overall fishing prowess. From exploring its stability and maneuverability to assessing the effectiveness of its fishing-specific additions, we leave no stone unturned. Let’s take a look!

BOTE LONO Aero 12′6″ Verge Camo Inflatable Kayak: Specs Sheet


Main Category Sit-on-top kayak
Board Dimension 12′6″L × 35.5″W × 20″D
Weight 51 lbs
Max Weight Capacity 400 lbs
Recommended PSI 10 to 15 PSI
Material Inflatable AeroBOTE Technology
Price Range Expensive
Warranty 2 years


Measuring 12.6 feet long and 35.5 inches wide, the BOTE LONO Aero kayak is as stable as you can imagine — almost like standing on solid ground. Whether you’re casting your line, reeling in a feisty catch, or even transitioning from sitting to standing, this inflatable kayak provides a rock-solid platform that instills confidence. You can maneuver with ease, knowing that you won’t have to worry about it sinking or tipping over unexpectedly.

Thanks to its unique flared bow and stiff ridge in the hull, this inflatable kayak boasts exceptional stability, even in choppier waters or when encountering small waves. It maintains an impressive balance, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the fishing experience rather than maintaining your equilibrium (which can ultimately affect your accuracy and success). This remarkable stability is not only a game-changer for avid anglers but also ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for beginners who may be new to kayaking!


The BOTE LONO Aero kayak boasts an impressive weight capacity of 400 lbs. While this capacity is certainly commendable, it’s essential to consider the additional weight of accessories and gear that you may want to bring along on your fishing excursions. The kayak itself weighs around 51 lbs, and the removable seat adds another seven lbs to the equation. While these figures may seem negligible at first glance, they can add up and potentially affect the kayak’s overall weight distribution and performance.

This weight capacity limitation can be an issue for anglers who require a substantial amount of fishing gear, tackle boxes, coolers, and other equipment. It’s crucial to carefully consider the total weight of your gear and ensure that it remains within the kayak’s recommended capacity to prevent any issues later on.



Considering the design of the BOTE LONO Aero inflatable kayak, we’re not sure if trackability and maneuverability would be its strongest suit. However, to our pleasant surprise, this inflatable kayak surpassed our expectations in both areas.

Equipped with a keel guard and mounted side bite fins, the BOTE LONO Aero ensures impressive trackability, allowing you to maintain a straight course even in challenging conditions. These features also come in handy when maneuvering into shallow waters or navigating through tight spots to reach your desired fishing grounds without excessive effort.

Of course, being an inflatable kayak, it is subject to sudden changes in wind and currents, which can affect its course. However, the BOTE LONO Aero manages these conditions admirably, thanks to its high sides and rudder control system.

Speaking of which, one notable feature of this inflatable kayak is its compatibility with the APEX pedal drive and rudder control. By attaching the rudder and steering controller — which takes only a few minutes to set up — you can further enhance the kayak’s maneuverability and control. Once you have rigged the rudder and steering controller, it’ll be transformed from a paddle-driven to a pedal-driven inflatable kayak!

This simple transformation empowers you to make directional changes with ease, more precisely, adjusting your heading and making swift turns as needed. Plus, it offers a seamless integration of propulsion and steering, providing you with a comprehensive and efficient means of exploration on the water.


Constructed with Aero Technology™, this inflatable kayak offers exceptional durability and performance on the water. This cutting-edge technology utilizes premium materials and advanced drop stitch construction to create a kayak that stands up to the demands of adventurous pursuits, including potential impacts, abrasions, and exposure to UV rays. This construction technique allows the kayak to maintain its shape and stiffness, providing a solid platform for paddling, fishing, and other water activities.

The attention to detail in the construction of the BOTE LONO Aero is evident throughout its design. From the precisely welded seams that ensure a secure and watertight seal to the strategically placed reinforcements in high-stress areas, every aspect of the kayak’s construction is carefully considered to enhance its overall performance and longevity.

Additionally, this inflatable kayak incorporates practical features such as the keel guard and side bite fins, which not only enhance maneuverability but also serve as protective elements, safeguarding the kayak’s underside from potential damage (like hidden logs, rocks, and other potential hazards.)


The BOTE LONO Aero 12’6″ Verge Camo Inflatable Kayak comes packed with a range of impressive features that left us thoroughly impressed.

One standout feature is its MAGNEPOD™ compatibility. This feature provides convenient and customizable mounting options for accessories like cup holders, fishing rod holders, tackle boxes, or electronic devices, ensuring that your essentials are always within reach while you paddle or fish.

Another noteworthy feature is its compatibility with the ROCKET RAC system. This feature allows you to easily attach both conventional and fly rods. This inflatable kayak also boasts a spacious interior, offering ample room to bring along all your gear and equipment for your outdoor adventures. With its multiple D-rings and bungee cord tie-downs, you can secure a dry bag, attach a fishing net, or strap down a cooler within seconds.

Additionally, this inflatable kayak features a removable seat with high back support, providing exceptional comfort and ergonomics. The adjustable seat allows you to find the perfect seating angle that suits your preference, ensuring optimal comfort during your time on the water.

The beauty of the removable seat is that it offers versatility and allows you to transform the BOTE LONO Aero into a multifunctional watercraft. Removing the seat creates a spacious and open deck area, providing ample room for various activities such as stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), yoga sessions, or simply relaxing and enjoying the sun.


The BOTE LONO Aero 12’6″ Verge Camo Inflatable Kayak comes with a range of accessories that further enhance its versatility, convenience, and overall user experience.

Removable fins

One of the key accessories included with the kayak is the six-inch removable Aero center fin. This fin enhances the kayak’s tracking ability, helping you maintain a straight course and improving overall stability. The removable design allows for easy attachment and removal, depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Slide-in Aero Rack Receivers

The kayak also includes a pair of Slide-In Aero Rac Receivers. These receivers provide a secure and convenient mounting point for BOTE’s compatible accessories, such as the MAGNEPOD™ or ROCKET RAC systems. You can easily attach and detach these accessories, allowing you to customize your kayak’s setup and bring along all the gear you need for your adventures.

Aero sandspear sheath

The BOTE LONO Aero also features a removable Aero sandspear sheath that securely holds a sandspear and allows you to anchor your kayak in shallow waters or on sandy bottoms.

Pedal port

To further enhance the kayak’s functionality, this inflatable kayak is equipped with a pedal port. This port provides compatibility with BOTE’s APEX pedal drive system, allowing you to convert the kayak into a pedal-powered watercraft for hands-free propulsion.

Repair kit

For any unforeseen mishaps or repairs, the kayak includes an Aero repair kit. This kit provides you with the necessary tools and materials to quickly address minor punctures or damages, ensuring that your kayak stays in optimal condition.

Hand pump

This inflatable kayak even comes with a hand pump that allows you to easily and efficiently inflate it to the desired pressure, so you can get on the water quickly and conveniently.

Travel bag

Lastly, the BOTE LONO Aero comes with a travel bag. This bag is specifically designed to store and transport the kayak, making it easy to carry it to your desired launch point. You can even use this bag to store additional accessories like snacks, beverages, sunscreen, tackle boxes, baits, and even a repair kit.

Summary Review of the BOTE LONO Aero 12′6″ Verge Camo Inflatable Kayak

The Bote LONO Aero 12’6” Verga Camo Inflatable Kayak is not your average kayak; it’s a whole adventure-packed package. It’s exceptionally stable and maneuverable, so you can use it on different waterways. Thanks to its top-notch construction, it can handle impacts, abrasions, and those pesky UV rays.

And the included accessories? They’re the cherry on top! From the removable fin to the slide-in rac receivers, sandspear sheath, and more, this kayak comes with all the bells and whistles you’ll need for your water adventures.

Sure, it’s not the lightest kayak out there, but the trade-off for its stability and durability is totally worth it. Plus, it might cost a bit more, but the performance and features make it worth every penny. So whether you plan on chasing the bass, practicing some yoga poses, or simply basking in the sun, it’s got you covered!

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