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Best Snowshoes

Best Snowshoes | GearPro Guide

Best Snowshoes

Are you looking for a new pair of snowshoes to elevate your winter hiking experience?

We have created a list of the top snowshoes that you can carry this season. These snowshoes are ideal for you whether you want to spend hours walking through soft snow, stride down groomed routes, or explore the snowy mountain terrain. They are a must-have if you are going to be spending time walking in the snow.

Check out our comprehensive list here.

MSR Evo Ascent Snowshoes

With a rubber strap closure, these snowshoes have brake bars and steel traction rails molded into snowshoe decks for a tight grip. The 3-strap binding gives you freeze-resistant, glove-friendly, and ample security. Further, these fantastic shoes also have an injection molded plastic deck that helps to withstand abusive conditions and adds unique torsional flex.

MSR Evo Ascent Snowshoes | Best Snowshoes

TerrainClosureCapacityFrame MaterialDeck MaterialSide TractionWeightCrampon Material
Mountain TerrainRubber Strap180 poundsAluminumPlasticYes4 lbs. 1 oz.Steel

Key Features:

  • Heel lifts that are perfect for steep terrains
  • Light-weight
  • Highly durable and adaptable
  • Can tackle everything from easy flat-land hikes to moderately rugged, steep terrain
  • Can detach and attach the tails to a pack

Lightning Ascent Snowshoes

These snowshoes won’t let you down whether you want to participate in Olympic mountain climbing in the high country or go on a more leisurely family vacation. Made of an aluminum and steel frame, ballistic nylon deck, and DTX crampon, this pair of Lightning Ascent snowshoes have a structure with 360-degree traction. It provides grip everywhere, even on the steepest strides. The heel risers help reduce fatigue during long climbs.

Lightning Ascent Snowshoes | Best Snowshoes

Frame MaterialDeck MaterialWeightCrampon MaterialHeel Risers
AluminumBallistic Nylon3-4 LbDtxErgo Televators

Key Features:

  • Paragon binding with steel crampons gives sure-footed traction
  • Lightweight and burly to balance with float and traction
  • Have a lot of flotation
  • Attachable tails

Panoramic Snowshoes

This versatile addition to the Tubbs family features a variety of efficient technology that longtime Tubbs users will be familiar with. Solid and impact-reducing Fit Lightweight and strong Pro-Step aluminum frame, these Panoramic snowshoes have a Soft-Tec deck to flow through deeper and fresh snow. It can give a firm grip and a solid feel over ice. Put your trail running shoes away and grab the Tubbs Panoramic Snowshoe when the snow accumulates outside your windows. This trio makes it easier to float through the forest, hold onto dubious snow beneath the surface, and not feel burdened during daylong sojourns.

Panoramic Snowshoes | Best Snowshoes

Frame MaterialDeck MaterialCrampon MaterialDimensionsBindingHeel RisersWeight
AluminumSoft-TecSteel21-30DynamicFitYes4lb 6oz

Key Features:

  • Steel crampons provide a grip and a secure feeling
  • Heel risers make steep ascents easier and lessen fatigue
  • DynamicFit binding

TSL Snowshoes 217/227 Camo Snowshoes

The 3D design and the hourglass shape of these shoes avoid slippage on uphill and downhill slopes. Front tightening with strap and lateral adjustment provides more comfort and maximum foothold. The shoes are comfortable, snuggle the feet well, and cut through the snow very nicely. Also, with the ankle pre-adjustment, you can firmly center the comfort pads on your insteps. Similarly, bi-material straps tighten by a ratchet give a solid, quick fit.

TSL Snowshoes 217/227 Camo Snowshoes | Best Snowshoes

Rolling TerrainRatchet Strap300 poundsPlasticPlasticSteel4 lbs. 14 oz.

Key Features:

  • SSAS decreases walking noise for a quieter snowshoeing experience
  • Front teeth grip
  • Easy-to-use lock adjustments
  • Binding works very well

Flex STP Snowshoe Kit

Use your Tubbs Flex STP 24 Kit Snowshoes to venture out onto the icy paths or into the wilderness. These snowshoes are designed to maximize your time on the trails. Rotating binding gives a natural gait and energy economy. So, pull, strap, and you are ready to go. With the Flex Kits, you can enjoy steep, deep snow paths without the fear of slipping.

Flex STP Snowshoe Kit | Best Snowshoes

FrameDeckCramponDimensionsBindingSide RailsUser WeightWeight
Flex DeckFlex TailTraction Rails8 x 24inRotatingYes120 - 200lb3lb 9.6oz

Key Features:

  • Torsion Deck adjusts to the snow underfoot
  • Snow is discharged by Flex Tail, enabling simpler strides
  • Design lessens pressure and strain on joints
  • Fast-pull strap for safe and straightforward wear

TSL Symbioz Elite Snowshoes

The TSL Symbioz Elite snowshoes are silent and comfortable due to their sound and shock absorption mechanism. So, you may snowshoe farther and longer with little to no strain on your body. Easy-ascent heel lift with your snowshoe pole to keep it under your heel. You will undoubtedly have a very natural stride and excellent traction in various conditions. Therefore, you will think of these shoes as light, comfy, and having perfect bindings.

TSL Symbioz Elite Snowshoes | Best Snowshoes

Mountain TerrainCompositeCompositeStainless steel4 lbs180 - 300 pounds

Key Features:

  • Carbon fiber reinforcements allow bent snowshoes to recover.
  • Eight stainless-steel crampons
  • Lateral molded traction bars
  • Front point crampon for steep ascents
  • Adjustable bindings
  • Patented Memory Lock front toe piece

Retrospec Drifter Snowshoes

The Drifter Snowshoe includes strong polyethylene (HDPE) decks for optimal snow support so you can feel assured in all your snowshoeing experiences. Double-ratchet bindings are fast, secure, and easy to use on the trail. Heavy-duty traction cleats are sturdy and suitable for remote or backcountry areas.

Retrospec Drifter Snowshoes | Best Snowshoes

21Aluminum120 PoundsBuckle‎5.5 Pounds

Key Features:

  • Lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum frames with HDPE decks provide exceptional snow support and light, controlled steps
  • Improved traction and stability with heel lifters and a full-floating pivot mechanism
  • Affordable
  • Excellent heel strap buckle, simple-to-use bindings

Wildhorn Outfitters Sawtooth Snowshoes

Sawtooth snow shoes include ratchet bindings, an auto-locking heel strap, a boot grip, slip-resistant pads, and a heel strap clip. The heel lift riser lifts your heel when needed and rests flat when not. You can enjoy these snowshoes in deep snow as it has a new auto-locking heels strap that offers no-slip features. You can make the best of the routes as these snowshoeing devices cradle your foot to avoid slipping. This mechanism provides traction and balance while climbing slopes.

Wildhorn Outfitters Sawtooth Snowshoes | Best Snowshoes

Aluminum30 Kg‎4 PoundsBuckle

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty spring-loaded clamps reinforce ratchet binding
  • Made of lightweight aluminum
  • Available in three colors and two sizes
  • Unisex

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