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Best Snowboards

Best Snowboards

Looking for a snowboard but cannot decide which one to buy?

Finding the ideal snowboard depends on your personal preferences, skill level, financial situation, and preferred mountaineering location. Do you lap the park, the slopes, or the powder? Are you using recreational facilities on-property or off-property? Whatever you’re looking for, there are lots of options available. One of the most challenging things to overcome when choosing your next snowboard is the sheer number of alternatives available in the market.

From familiar-looking symmetrical twin tips to directional wing snowboards, check out this comprehensive list of the best snowboards you can buy.

Lib Tech T. Rice Apex Orca Snowboard – 2022/2023

A snowboard for the modern era, featuring a new deck design and better board feel, it is crafted with a high-quality PET core and has a 6-inch drop, a twin shape, and a twin concave. It is an excellent choice for beginners and experts alike. The board is equipped with a wood core and a wood deck, giving it a great feel and durability.

Lib Tech T. Rice Apex Orca Snowboard - 2022/2023 | Best Snowboards

ShapeProfileWeight CapacityDimensionsBolt Pattern
DirectionalCamber/Rocker145-200 pounds26.7- 31.6 cm2x4

Key Features:

  • Tight 7-m trench gauging sidecut to put hardpack rail without any toe drag
  • Made of recycled PET plastic bottles, paulownia, balsa, and aspen wood with carbon-over-carbon-magnesium wrapping
  • Eco-sublimated base

Process Flying V Snowboard – 2023

One of the most popular types of snowboard, the process snowboard is characterized by its V-shaped camber, edges, and in-line bindings. It is perfect for riders looking for a stable, easy-to-control ride and has a wing that provides the user with various flight styles. As one of the top snowboard brands, it’s no surprise that it is made of solid and durable materials and is designed to be an all-around great board.

Process Flying V Snowboard - 2023 | Best Snowboards

152- 162cmFlying VTwinTriaxFrostbite0.49in20.8-22in

Key Features:

  • All mountain twins for freestyle shredders
  • Hybrid rocker blends with firm edge hold
  • Durable sintered base with wax absorption for glide and speed

Roxy XOXO Pro Snowboard – Women’s – 2022/2023 

This snowboard is perfect for women who love to ride and want a lot of versatility with their board. The base is a solid camber and has a nice soft flex. The women’s snowboard is also easy to carry around. It features an ultra-lightweight, high-traction rocker profile and Roxy’s Sintered Grit Technology, allowing the user to ride confidently in all conditions.

Roxy XOXO Pro Snowboard - Women's - 2022/2023  | Best Snowboards

ShapeProfileFlexDimensionsBolt Pattern
True TwinCamberMedium24.1 - 28.1 cm2x4

Key Features:

  • C3 camber dominant contour with snappy flex for parks, pipes, and resorts to play
  • Magne traction serrated steak knife technology for effortless edge hold and control
  • Light-hearted core with a strong blend of aspen and paulownia

Name Dropper LTD Snowboard – 2023

Name Dropper LTD Snowboard is made from top-grade maple and fiberglass. It has a perfect blend of flex and stiffness to offer a responsive, stable ride with a smooth, dampened feel. The broad shape of the board helps keep your weight centered and helps to improve stability. The board comes in various sizes and shapes.

Name Dropper LTD Snowboard – 2023 | Best Snowboards

PurePop CamberTwin151-158cmsoftTriax120-200lb

Key Features:

  • Superfly 800 G core added for durability without bulk
  • Fast and easy-maintained sintered base to keep pace
  • Rocker for pop and flexibility

Proto Slinger Snowboard – 2023

This snowboard is a fusion of a freestyle board and a powder board. It features a unique shape and an aggressive side cut. The Proto Slingshot Snowboard is a fun, easy-to-ride board with a full poplar core and a bamboo top, making it light and robust. The board has a directional shape with a rounded nose and tail, allowing you to turn easily while riding. It comes with free bindings and is backed by Proto’s lifetime warranty.

Proto Slinger Snowboard - 2023 | Best Snowboards

Camber149 - 160cmAsymmetrical twin4-holeWoodcarbon fiberSteel 20 - 24.5in

Key Features:

  • Lightweight wood core for comfort and durability
  • Sintered base to carry effortlessly
  • Shock wave rocker camber balances power
  • Asymmetrical twin design for freestyle movement

K2 Excavator Snowboard – 2022/2023

The K2 excavator snowboard is the first board designed to allow snowboarders to enter the excavation market. With a length of 29 inches, a width of 10 inches, and a nose height of 9 inches, the K2 excavator snowboard is designed to allow riders to stand up on their boards while they dig. As it weighs just over 2 pounds, one rider can carry the board easily. It is designed with a concave shape and a single layer of maple wood on the bottom to make it durable.

K2 Excavator Snowboard - 2022/2023 | Best Snowboards

FreerideDirectionalCamber90 -190+ poundsWoodStiff

Key Features:

  • Directional camber profile for superior edge hold and speed
  • Volume shift design underfoot addition compared to a traditional snowboard
  • Responsive, powerful S1 core from aspen, paulownia, and bamboo with strategic alignment and pressure distribution

Snowtrooper Snowboard – 2023

Snowtrooper snowboard is a new and innovative product for snowboarding. It has an eye-catching green color and a futuristic board design. This board is light and thin, allowing for maximum performance and maneuverability. It is made from 100% carbon fiber and has a 2-inch drop to enable a smooth ride.

Snowtrooper Snowboard – 2023 | Best Snowboards

Camber152-160cm wideDirectionalMedium20in - 24.5inMetalNS Superlight

Key Features:

  • Mixed terrain for every edge
  • Medium flex for deep snow
  • Superlight wood core to keep the mass low for higher jumps
  • Biax and carbon laminates without losing pop

Capita Navigator Snowboard – 2022/2023

Capita Navigator is a snowboard made for all levels of riders. It is made from bamboo, which is solid and resilient, and eco-friendly. The snowboard has a double diamond camber profile, meaning the top of the board is flat, while the bottom has a diamond shape. This shape provides a lot of pop and allows riders to float in powder or carve in icy conditions.

Capita Navigator Snowboard - 2022/2023 | Best Snowboards

DirectionalCamber/Rocker110 -200 poundsDual wood coreMedium151 - 158 CM

Key Features:

  • Alpine V1 profile design with mid-body camber with a flat tail for tons of pop and stability on hardpack while expanding float
  • P2 superlight core with high impact resistance and maximum pop
  • Two inlaid cork dampeners

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