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Best Hunting Tree Stands

Best Hunting Tree Stands | GearPro Guide

Best Hunting Tree Stands

Do you want to take your bowhunting to the next level? Tree stands have become amongst the most focused-on areas of deer hunting, and companies have gone to great efforts to build several types of tree stands with a range of characteristics that provide you with multiple benefits.

This list is for you whether you’re new to tree stand hunting or you’ve been using an old tree stand for some time and want something to give you a fresh edge.

Millennium M150 Monster Hang-On Tree Stand

Sometimes it takes hours in the trees to bag that deer. The ComfortMAX height-adjustable seat and complete backrest of the M150 Monster Hang-On tree stand were developed with comfort in mind. Bowhunters may position themselves for a shot with the most freedom thanks to the broad platform and fold-up seat. The M150 Monster is adaptable, durable, and designed to match whatever hunting style you like.

Millennium M150 Monster Hang-On Tree Stand | GearPro Guide

Item WeightMaterialSeat sizeCapacitySeat Height
‎19 PoundsAluminumW 24 D 20300-pounds16”- 20”

Key Features:

  • V-Brace Technology reduces weight without sacrificing durability or stability.
  • Super-spacious 37″ wide x 24″ deep platform allows for perfect standing shots
  • Height-adjustable ComfortMAX sling seat provides supreme comfort.
  • The seat folds up and out of the way for additional shooting space.
  • For backpacking convenience, it is made of robust and lightweight aluminium.
  • Includes 35′ Safe-Link safety line
  • Includes harness for the entire body
  • 15 degrees of lean for tree angle adjustment

Summit Viper SD Ultra Climbing Treestand

The Millennium M150 Monster is a lightweight, compact lock-on stand that has all the features a hunter on the go may want. It may be customized to meet any hunting technique thanks to its wide foot platform, adjustable foam padding, soft seat, backrest, and accessible attachments.

Summit Viper SD Ultra Climbing Treestand | Best Hunting Tree Stands

Weight LimitPlatform SizeConstructionSeat HeightStand Weight
300 lbs.20"W x 36"DAluminumAdjustable20 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Strong and lightweight aluminium design, making hauling and climbing a snap.
  • Height adjustable foam-padded suspended seat with cushioned backrest and padded armrests deliver all-day comfort.
  • Dead Metal Sound Deadening Technology reduces noise.
  • Footrest extension improves comfort during prolonged sessions
  • Straps for carrying a backpack
  • Summit’s 5-year limited warranty
  • Quick Draw® cable retention mechanism maintains a firm grasp on trees.
  • RapidClimb® Stirrups with heel bungee make climbing more comfortable.
  • Utility straps, umbilical cord, adjustable backpack straps, and end caps are included.
  • Full-Body Fall Arrest Harness System (FBFAHS) and all essential hardware are included.

Guide Gear 15.5′ Climbing Ladder Tree Stand

The Guide Gear 15.5′ Ladder Tree Stand is an inexpensive, yet comfortable, solution to rise above the ground during your hunt. Padded armrests provide comfort and stability, and the fold-up seat makes it safe to walk around the platform while settling down. This ladder weighs 61 pounds, which makes it lightweight and an excellent option for anyone who wants to carry it over longer distances.

Guide Gear 15.5' Climbing Ladder Tree Stand | Best Hunting Tree Stands

Item WeightConstructionSeat DimensionsCapacityLadder
‎61 PoundsAluminum17" x 18"300 LBS15.5'

Key Features:

  • 5′ height to shooting rail
  • Fold-up mesh seat combined with handrails delivers comfort for long hours
  • Spacious platform
  • Fold-out footrest
  • Sturdy powder-coated steel construction
  • Adjustable, flip-up shooting rail
  • Cushioned armrests
  • Easy support up to 300 lbs

API Outdoors Superlite Elite Fixed Position Treestand

A flexible, lightweight, fixed-position treestand from API Outdoors called the Superlite Elite is ideal for professional hunters who need the highest levels of comfort. All-day comfort is a major benefit with its 20″ x 16″ zero-gravity seat technology and 20″ x 12″ backrest. The Superlite Elite has it all, including a flip-up seat design and a height of 21″ from platform to seat.

API Outdoors Superlite Elite Fixed Position Treestand | Best Hunting Tree Stands

Weight capacityWeightSeatFoot platformConstruction
300 lbs.17 lbs20Wx16D22Wx31DAluminum

Key Features:

  • Sturdy and lightweight Aluminum platform
  • Super-comfortable zero-gravity seat along with a backrest
  • Folds flat, packable
  • Spacious 31″wide x 22″ deep foot platform
  • Built-in footrest
  • The seat folds up to allow complete platform access
  • Rugged ratchet strap and accessories bag
  • Full-body harness included along with Suspension Relief System (SRS)

Hawk Combat Hang-On Treestand

Hawk’s Combat Hang-On Treestand Combo provides you with everything you need to start hunting from a treestand right away. All points of contact with the platform are welded together to produce a sturdy one-piece structure. The superior Teflon washers prevent squeaks from disturbing your search, and the Tree Digger teeth guarantee performance without wobbling. Hawk’s extremely comfortable seat has four layers of foam, including a top layer that is weather-resistant on top of memory foam that relieves pressure points.

Hawk Combat Hang-On Treestand | Best Hunting Tree Stands

Item WeightWeight capacityPlatformDimensions
‎23.8 Pounds300 lbs.21 x 27-inch27 x 21 x 5 inches

Key Features:

  • Memory foam seat that relieves pressure
  • Completely welded soundproof platform
  • Large solid grip mesh
  • Angle adjustment for the seat
  • Compact design
  • Tree DiggerTM Teeth provide maximum stability
  • Attachment hooks that make minimal noise when packaging or installing
  • Long-lasting durability
  • A full-body safety harness is included

Big Game Hunter HD 1.5 Ladder Stand

The Big Game Treestands® Hunter HD 1.5 Ladder Stand allows you to hunt mature bucks in your preferred hotspot. Rock solid stability is ensured by using four oval tube ladder parts. The Hunter HD 1.5 stand, which is made entirely of steel, has a 23.5″ x 29″ foot platform for lots of manoeuvrability and a flip-up Flex-TekTM seat for improved comfort during extended sittings. To ensure the optimum shot, the unique shooting rail is padded and flexible.

Big Game Hunter HD 1.5 Ladder Stand | Best Hunting Tree Stands

HeightConstructionFoot PlatformSeat SizeSeat HeightWeightWeight Rating
18' 6Steel23.5" W x 29" D23" W x 18" D20.5"61 Lbs350 Lbs

Key Features:

  • Flex-Tek Seat is a super-wide, foldable seat with a backrest for maximum comfort
  • Use of the entire platform with a flip-up seat
  • 2 bark biters for sturdy contact
  • four single-rail oval tube designs deliver improved toughness and performance
  • 18′ 6″ height to shooting rail
  • Includes a full-body harness
  • 100% steel build
  • Spacious 23.5” wide x 29” deep Foot Platform
  • Adjustable, detachable, padded shooting rail that flips up for the precise shot
  • Two 1″ ratchet straps, two 1″ stabilizer straps, and an adjustable support bar are included.

Muddy MLS1550 Skybox Deluxe 20′ Tall Single Steel Ladder Tree Stand

Thanks to the roomy Flex-Tek seat, the Muddy MLS1550 Skybox Deluxe 20′ Tall Single Steel Ladder Tree Stand makes hunting comfortable. Additionally, it has flip-back footrests and cushioned armrests. Moreover, on this 20-Foot 1-Person Ladder Tree Stand, you sit far above your prey to avoid being seen or heard.

Muddy MLS1550 Skybox Deluxe 20' Tall Single Steel Ladder Tree Stand | Best Hunting Tree Stands

WeightLadderConstructionFoot PlatformSeat SizeSeat HeightBackrestWeight Rating
86.4 Pounds20'Steel19” Wide x 25” Deep22” Wide x 17” Deep21”22” x 19” Tall350 lbs

Key Features:

  • Allows for up to 350 pounds of person and gear.
  • Roomy 22” wide X 17” deep Flex-Tek seat
  • Padded armrests and a flip-back footrest are included
  • Adjustable shooting rail to make your aim consistent and comfortable.
  • The rail swings up to offer you extra space
  • 19″ Wide x 25″ Deep platform for a wide stance
  • One 4-point safety harness, two 2-1″ stabilizer straps, and one 1-1″ ratchet strap, and included.

BIG GAME The Spector XT 2-Person Ladder Stand

With flip-back Flex-tek seats, flip-back shooting rail, and extra deep and extra wide foot platform, the Big Game The Spector XT 2-Person Ladder Tree Stand is as roomy and comfy as it gets. Apart from its features, this platform is a cut above the rest in terms of size. The Spector XT keeps you up and out of the way of watchful prey at 17 feet tall.

BIG GAME The Spector XT 2-Person Ladder Stand | Best Hunting Tree Stands

ConstructionHeightFoot PlatformSeat SizeWeightWeight Rating:
Steel17'44" Wide x 29" Deep41" Wide x 18" Deep85 Lbs500 Lbs

Key Features:

  • Durable steel structure, 17′ tall ladder stand for two
  • Large flip-back seat consisting of two highly comfy Flex-Tek zero-gravity seating
  • Padded armrests/shooting
  • Shooting rail and seat fold out of the way to allow for standing shots.
  • Extra-large 44″ x 29″ platform for a broad and solid shooting posture
  • Robust build
  • Two full-body safety harnesses, two 1″ ratchet straps, and two 1″ stabilizer straps are included..

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