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Aventon Aventure Ebike Review

Aventon Aventure Ebike Review | GearPro Guide

Aventon Aventure Ebike Review

Aventon Aventure Ebike Review


The Aventure is a rough, rugged, fat-tire e-bike that can easily handle challenging trails in style. All the same, it has upright handlebars and a step-through frame that is commonly found in cruisers and casual bikes. It looks super attractive, and its classic design frame is also built with a lower top tube to make it easier for riders to mount.



  • It supports both pedal assist and throttle
  • 28mph max. speed assistance
  • Suitable for all terrains with a water-resistant body frame
  • The built-in display shows several common and rare features.
  • Fenders are included with the Aventure.
  • Value for money
  • It is fitted with integrated front and rear lights.


  • Heavyweight, big, and difficult to carry
  • Abrupt pedal-assist acceleration

You can find an e-bike for any kind of rider. There are electric bikes for every category: electric road bikes, electric folding bikes, electric commuter bikes, electric mountain bikes, electric fat bikes, etc. So, when we first came across Aventon’s Aventure Fat Tire e-bike, we didn’t understand the category it belonged to. We found that the Aventure Fat Tire is designed for rough roads, country trails, mountain biking, etc. It is a heavy-duty e-bike with stylish and sleek design touches.

The Aventure is a rough, rugged, fat-tire e-bike that can easily handle challenging trails in style. All the same, it has upright handlebars and a step-through frame that is commonly found in cruisers and casual bikes. It looks super attractive, and its classic design frame is also built with a lower top tube to make it easier for riders to mount.

Detailed Overview

Weighing about 74 pounds and with 26 X 4-inch front and rear tires, the Aventure fat tire is a beast to ride. The Aventure Fat Tire from Aventon is your ideal companion if you want a biking experience beyond paved roads. The Aventure is an all-weather fat-tire bike with five levels of pedal assistance and an on-demand throttle for speedy adventure rides up to 28mph. It is built with a powerful 750W rear hub electric motor with a range of about 45 miles.

Suitable Locations

The Aventure fat tire is well-suited for speedy getaways or rides on the beach or trails. It has excellent suspension that makes it suitable for rides on all kinds of terrain and surroundings. If you wish to bike beyond paved roads, speed-ride, or feel the gush of wind on your face, it is your go-to bike.

Frame Options

Aventon manufactures the Aventure in two frame options, traditional and step-through. These are available in three sizes to accommodate riders between 5’1” to 6’4”. Step-through frames are easier to ride and get off with, and it is also better suited for riders wearing skirts. The traditional step-over frames of the Aventure Fat tire are more durable and safer for off-roading.

Display and Bluetooth

Its built-in display includes Bluetooth connectivity and can keep your phone charged. A companion application from Aventon can help you track your ride and customize your bike settings. It can display information like calorie count, speed, battery charge, power assistance level, comparative CO2 your ride saves, distance travelled, light control, ride maps, etc. It offers a more precise battery meter that helps you keep track of your ride for more extended periods.  Another additional feature is its more prominent and more admirable LCD screen. The big backlit LCD screen lets you control your bike better and displays more information. You can also charge your phone while you ride using a standard USB-A port provided. The LCD display is easily visible in daylight, too, when it is on the highest brightness level.

Off-Road Drive Test

The Aventon gives a fabulous riding experience on off-road trails as well. It is solid as the welds are amazing. Its 80mm travel front fork provides excellent suspension for your rides on rough trails and hikes. The Aventure also takes care of your safety with its built-in fenders and integrated front and rear lights that can be controlled by the display/application.


The Ares Bengal Hydraulic Disk Brakes are attached to large diameter disc rotors that help quickly and smoothly stop the adventure bike. Levers on both sides efficiently control the hydraulic disk brakes. The brakes will respond rigorously even with a single finger.

Other Features

Its integrated battery looks stylish and elegant, unlike the bolt-on battery that usually detracts from profiles.

The Aventure has a wide, comfortable seat, and its aluminum alloy frame can easily handle riders on the heavier side of weight. The structure is built so that you will find yourself upright when you ride it, with clear visibility and a convenient line of sight of your surroundings.

To make things more exciting and adventurous, it comes with an IPX4 water-resistance rating that makes it suitable for riding or parking in the rain.

Powering on and operating the bike is easy and requires just a few simple steps. Overall, the bike is super-easy to handle with its convenient assembling, power on-off, app connection, etc.

Aventon Aventure Ebike Review | GearPro Guide


Weight 73lbs
Weight Capacity 250lbs
Motor 750W, 48V Bafang rear hub motor
Battery Removable Internal Lithium-ion 48V, 15Ah (720Wh)
Tires 4” Kenda Krusade
Pedals Alloy platform
Brakes Bengal Ares 3 hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors
Frame 6061 single-butted aluminium
Top Speed (Throttle) 20 mph

What Sets The Aventon Aventure E-Eike Apart?

  • The Aventure Fat Tire brings a bang-on with the extra power and battery capacity.
  • Aventon has specced the Aventure Fat tire with a 750 W continuous-rated motor and a larger 720 Wh battery pack.
  • The actual power output at peak level is 1130 W.
  • The LCD color screen has a better display, quality, and control.
  • The e-bike is built using solid and sturdy metal fenders that don’t rattle over rough surfaces.
  • The Aventure is available in three sizes to fit riders from 5’1” to 6’4”
  • The Aventon’s application can be paired with Aventure to deliver a wide range of detailed data
  • Riders can feel themselves in an upright position that gives high visibility while riding the Aventure.

Aventon Aventure Ebike Review | GearPro Guide

Field Test Of The Aventon Aventure Fat Tire

We were totally amazed and in love with Aventure’s field test results. The Aventure feels very balanced and stable during rides, even at high speeds. The credit for this stability is bagged by its 4-inch tire setup. The fat tires grip amazingly well. The overall off-roading capabilities of the Aventure tested out to be like a full-blown electric mountain bike. It might seem heavy, but it seldom affects its handling or make you feel like slowing down through the corners.

Aventon’s Aventure is remarkably quick, as our test field tests happily declare. We can confirm that the Aventure is faster than most e-bikes, with its speed performance better than average.

Aventon markets this bike as a Class 2 e-bike with throttle and assist up to about 20 mph, but riders always have an option of unlocking the bike to class 3 speeds with maximum pedal assist, which most customers prefer. So, when we talk about speed performance here, we mean the speeds of a class 3 e-bike.

The Aventure is gracefully powered by a 750 W Bafang rear hub motor and a 48V, 15Ah battery that is integrated into the frame cleanly. The power delivery of the motor is strong. Despite its fat tires and heavyweight, the Aventure gracefully holds its maximum speed.

The cockpit setup of the Aventure is supportive and doesn’t leave you numb or uncomfortable on longer rides. It feels comfortable, and the excellent suspension ensures you don’t bump even during the most adventurous journeys. You can almost feel an almighty sense of power while smoothly plowing your way through rough terrains on the Aventure.

The Aventure might feel a bit jerky when you start pedaling or immediately after you switch to throttle, but it eventually gets comfortable.

Pedal Assist Level 1

Claimed Range: 53 miles

Tested Range: 53.72 miles

Pedal Assist Level 5

Claimed Range: 27 miles

Tested Range: 24 miles

It is very rare and surprising that we see a manufacturer’s claimed range match our real-work test results, but the Aventure was pretty much spot-on with its performance.

On the highest pedal assist level (PAS 5), the Aventure stayed 24.3 miles at an average speed of 20.8mph before the battery died. While on the lowest assist level (PAS 1), the Aventure stayed 53.72 miles at an average speed of 11.15 mph before the battery ran out.

Aventon has removed a safety feature that prevented the throttle from activating until you pedaled for a quarter rotation, based on large numbers of user feedback. So it’s better to be careful as you might accidentally tap the throttle or the pedal, and as the bike quickly accelerates, you might easily lose control. With the removal of this safety feature, it’s super important to be careful and informed about the change in this feature.

Aventon’s Aventure can be summarised as a rugged, fat-tire bike that transitions beautifully from paved road to gravels, hills, dirt, sand, mud, or snow. With an average range of 45 miles, 28 mph on PAS 5, and throttle speeds up to 20 mph with no/minimal effort. We loved its app-based and Bluetooth connectivity along with the LCD display. If you love adventure, the Aventure is sure to please you with its excellent features and quality performance.


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